Resistance and Procrastination

​Resistance is a big problem in the third dimension.  It is fueled by fear and fear is the enemy of the human psyche and spiritual growth.  Fear lowers your vibration and makes it harder for the spirit world to get in and communicate.  However, it inversely attracts the lower spirits and can cause fearful people to pick up unwanted lower energies which could cause them harm or at least a disturbance in their lives.  Nobody wants to attract these energies.  It is therefore very important to keep fear in check and the best way to do that is to let it go and live your life as if nothing matters.  Caring too much about outcomes, especially when we have very little or no control over the outcomes is fruitless and invites fear.  We worry too much.  It’s important to stay clear headed and focused on one task and project at a time.  Humans have a tendency to overwhelm themselves with too many projects.  You need to think of life as like a school house.  You go to math class and focus on math for an hour and then you take a little break and go to English class and then you take a little break and you go to science class for an hour.  Then you have lunch and either recess or gym class for an hour.  Then you go to your history class for an hour and then your day is done and you either participate in an extracurricular activity like a sport or a club and you go home and do your homework, play with your friends and family, eat dinner, watch some tv, practice a skill or a hobby, recreate in the evenings and then you go to bed and prepare for the next day of your studies.  This is a very beneficial and helpful way to spend your days.  Too much free time and undisciplined energy is not helpful and tends to be wasteful.  Too much lying around, watching tv, surfing unimportant websites and social media, laziness sets in and people get stuck in an unhealthy rut that they have a hard time getting out of.  Fear is born in these low and lazy moments.  Fear is also born in those over-excited, over-complicated hectic times when we have too much going on in our lives.  Can  you remember how easy life was when you were in school?  Just thinking of the school work part, it was very focused.  When you were in math you focused on math. And then you left math and focused on English.  It works.  This is a great way to live your days.  Plan it out.  Maybe you focus on only one or two things today, but then break the one or two things down into smaller pieces and take little breaks between each piece.  Then take time to eat and socialize and play or exercise during your day.  Then end the day with getting back into your work and end strong.  When you are done you will feel great and like you really accomplished something that day.  You will not feel resistance or an urge to procrastinate any longer if you dedicate yourself to days structured like this.  Imagine what you can get done.  Do this with your play time as well.  It’s very helpful.  Structure is good for the soul and the spirit.  Take time to play and have fun in life too.  Life is not supposed to be all work.  In fact, work is really only supposed to be a small portion of your day.  What matters most in life is really your connections with others and the joy you bring to your life and others.  Focus on the joy and enjoy your life.  Make time to do the things that you love and enjoy and life will work better in the long run.

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