The Importance of Balance

One of the first things that Joshua talked to me about was Balance.  He explained that everything in the Universe must balance.  Relationships must balance.  Energy must balance.  Thinking must balance.  Literally, everything must balance in order to continue.

What does this mean?  Let’s take relationships as an example.  One person is very controlling over the other person and always has to have their way.  This relationship is out of balance and can not work for long.  In order for the relationship to survive, balance must be restored in the form of the controlling person letting go of some of their need to control and allow the other person to have some autonomy and agency over their own decisions.  Balance can be acquired in any number of ways.  Maybe the person who is being controlled is ok with that in some ways but not in others.  Balance does not have to be 50-50.  It can be 70-30 in one area, like decision making.  But in another area, the balance could be very different for the couple.  One person might make 80% of the financial decisions because of their knowledge of finances and the other only has 20% control.  This is ok, as long as both parties are content with this balance.

Now, on a grander scale, the world is currently very unbalanced.  Right now, the minority population, a very SMALL minority, have control of the masses.  This imbalance can not continue for long.  This small minority of leaders are on a quest to convince the majority that they are actually the minority.  But this is not true and truth is power and balance is king.  So, we want the people of the Earth to understand that what they are seeing right now is an illusion.  The leadership in place at the moment is purposely confusing them and lying to them in order to gain control and bring more of them into their camp.  This may win for a while.  But like we said, Truth is powerful and the lies will not stand up over time.  The truth is that the vast majority of the population does not believe or want the kind of leadership that is now in power and they will eventually balance this back out.  The most important thing that you can do now is to not be silent.  Make it known that you do not agree with or stand with this new regime that is in place.  You do not have to come out and say this.  What you need to say is that you believe in XY and Z.  There is no need to even mention AB or C that the minority wants you to believe.  You must remember that you are actually part of the majority, even though it may not seem like it at the moment.  This minority can not rule over the majority.  Balance will not allow it, so the time is relatively short for their tyrannical reign.

It’s understandable that the world has gotten so far off balance.  The pendulum has swung too far, too suddenly one way for many people to feel comfortable and their reaction is to take action to swing it back in the other direction as fast as possible no matter what the repercussions of this may be.  They were too uncomfortable with all of the new changes to tolerate them at this time.  So, the pendulum has swung in the other direction and now they are seeing that that is no good either.  It will come back into balance and centralize itself, but ONLY if the majority do not allow this minority in power to convince them that they are actually the minority.  It is not!  The leadership in power today are not the majority.  Their message is not embraced or shared by the majority of the world’s populations.  Balance will be restored, but the majority must be strong and resolute in what they believe in.  And they must also know deep in their heart that they are the majority and these so called leaders are speaking for a very small, rogue, minority who convinced people that they could give them the good old days again.  It’s all lies and smoke and mirrors.  The majority must stand tall and proud and not let these misaligned leaders convince them that they are stronger.  They are not.  They are weak bullies and will only succeed if you believe their lies and let go of your own values and truths.  This is a big test for mankind.  You must believe in your truths and and values that you know to be true and not get hung up on semantics and petty differences.  Look at the bigger picture and see that this is a very destructive force that has been allowed to get power.  It will continue to be destructive as long as people do not put it in its place.  Love always wins.  Light wins over dark.  It’s just a matter of how long it will take and how much damage will be done in the process.  The quicker you take your stand and make yourself known the better.  Spread this message to everyone you know and keep sending out the messages of love and inclusion, not hate and separation.

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