Who Are the Ring Nebula Collective?

The Ring Nebula Collective is a very large group soul that hangs out in the Ring Nebula which is also known as Messier 57.  The Ring Collective, as I call them,  contacted me recently and told me that they have important information that they want me to share with our world and asked me to write and share their messages for them.  I agreed to do this and what I will share here, mostly, are pieces of information that the Ring Collective share with me to pass on to you.  Their spokes person presents to me as a being known as Joshua.

Why did they choose me to connect with?  What Joshua told me is that my frequency was a close match with theirs.  They admired my humble, curious, and truthful way I have been learning about spirituality and the Universe.  It’s true that I have been digging deep into the spiritual world with my study to become an Intuitive Counselor and I have a strong desire to help others.  I have been through a lot of life lessons that have taught me well about living an authentic life, true to my soul’s purpose, and honesty.  Everything I write here in this blog is the truth as I know it.  I believe that Joshua and the Collective are here to help us raise our frequency along with that of Earth’s and evolve into a more advanced society where Love is more abundant and people actively work to help each other instead of tear each other down.  Personally, that sounds great to me and I am more than happy to help them spread their messages.  We can all use more love in our lives and positive messages.  We invite you to follow along as Joshua shares their messages of love and authentic living and aids in all of us to raise our vibrations alone with that of the planet.

It’s possible that you don’t know that Mother Earth has been going through a period of new growth and is in the process of raising from a 3rd Dimensional planet to a 5th Dimension planet.  What this means to us, who live here, is that the planet will require us to also raise our vibration to align with hers.  This is good news, because that means that all of the petty and hateful ways that many people have been operating through will mostly fall away.  Those people will simply have to change their vibration, raise it, in order to stay here.  Higher vibration means more positivity and closer connection to Source, or Divine, or God.  All of which is the same thing.  Like any journey, there will be bumps in the road and challenges.  Many of these folks who are invested in controlling and manipulating others will not easily let go of their old ways, but as you’ll soon learn, there just is not going to be any way for them to stay committed to trying to move our society backwards and keep us locked down in their old and antiquated thinking.  We will evolve and grow and they will too, even if it is kicking and screaming.  Ultimately, they will see that the new ways are much better for everyone and they will relax their hold on trying to control and manipulate.

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