Energy Shift in the Universe

Channeled message from Jacob:

We want to talk today about the energy of the universe.  Just like the planet and humanity, the universe is also expanding and raising its vibration.  What that means is that life on your planet is evolving and anyone who doesn’t evolve, or resists evolving, will have a very hard time.  It doesn’t mean that they are going to die or be destroyed physically, but it could actually destroy them mentally or emotionally.  They will be outcasts in the greater society that they live in.  There is a great need in society for people to fit in and have a clan or group that they can feel at home with and associate with.  So what you will see is these smaller packs of people sticking together, just as they do now, but more pronounced, in their lower vibrational mental head spaces and supporting each other in that.  They will believe, falsely, that this is positive or best way to live and that they are against the whole world, which they are.  The rest of the world who are open to growth, evolution and raising their vibration will be the majority of people.  Whether they know that there is this vibrational shift going on or not is not important.  They don’t need to know that this is happening.  It is, obviously, helpful if people know, but it is not necessary. They will feel it and acknowledge it in some way, whether they know it intellectually or not.  We don’t want to suggest that all of the people who are in the minority are bad people.  They are misguided people and have not been awakened to the light.  They are mistaking the darkness for light and are confused.  It is our hope and general feeling that many of them will awaken and, literally, see the light and join the rest of the world in the light.  The way they will see the truth is by example.  It is very important that the people who are living in the light, live outwardly in the light.  That they live their lives honestly, authentically, bravely, and truthfully as much as possible.  And that they put as much love out into the world as possible.  As much light into the world as possible.  We need to light this world up with love and understanding and compassion.  It will help the planet evolve.  It will help humanity evolve.  It will help the universe evolve.  What happens on the Earth, believe it or not, affects all of us in the universe.  What happens in my realm affects you.  It may only come through as a tiny little ripple but you will feel it.  You might have a tiny little headache or you might feel a little shift in your mood out of nowhere and not know why.  Maybe it’s because there’s some energy coming through that you’re picking up on.  This energy could have happened light years away.  It’s impossible to know.  You can insulate yourself from this by focusing on the light.  Always seek the light in life.  The light is your truth.  It is what will bring the vibrational shift in, save your planet, save humanity and save the universe.  We’re not saying that the Earth or the universe is in peril.  They are not.  We have great hopes that humanity will continue to live and grow and evolve.  We know that the majority of people want this to happen.  That’s not to say that they might not be afraid of it or have different ideas about what that means.  That’s the beauty of humanity though and why Source loves it so.  The variety and colors that each individual soul brings to the planet is so beautiful and delightful to Source.  Source delights in all of the different ways that people have of expressing themselves and creating new ideas in the world.  It’s ok that everybody sees it differently and that everybody gets something different from the light and the evolution.  Everyone will evolve in their own unique way.  It could manifest in any area of their lives.  This is the Divine message to all of us, to continue to seek the light, grow, evolve, welcome the new energy that’s coming in now and recognize the light in each individual.  Realize that you’re all connected to the same Source energy but you’re all individual, unique souls.  You’re all aspects of Source.  You’re all here to express something valuable to the world whether you think it is valuable or not.  No matter how insignificant you think your contribution is, it has value and is important to the world.  Your little piece is so important to the whole of humanity and the universe.

Earth is a school.  Souls come here to learn and grow and to evolve.  The planet has been needing to evolve for quite a while and it’s ready and in the process of doing it.  And the souls that are here are also going to evolve because of it.  Think of it like a university that is getting a new wing on the library and is undergoing a renovation.  There is an expansion going on that will help the university expand so that more can be learned and more people can learn more information.

The best thing people can do now is to keep an open heart, an open mind and a curiosity to what they can become, what good things could come from this.  How can you become a better person because of this?  Don’t be afraid of the new energy.  It is a higher vibration, so it feels different.  People might mention that they feel off or tired or more energized.  Listen to your bodies.  If you’re tired, get more rest and let your mind catch up with itself.  If you’re energized, channel that into a new project.  You will get used to the higher vibration and get comfortable with it.  You will adjust.  This is not a sudden change so it will give you time to adjust.  We’re in a transitionary period where we’re expanding and whenever there is a transition, there’s some bumps in the road.  People will feel like they’re being inconvenienced or distracted by all of the commotion of the renovation that’s going on around them.  Things are not as easy as they used to be and that wears you out.  Life and people will be bigger, better and stronger when it’s completed.

That’s our message today.  Seek the light and look for ways that you can evolve and grow.  Listen to your body.  If you’re tired, then rest.  If you’re energized, do more.  Realize that you could feel out of sorts for a while but it’s only temporary while we’re growing.  Think of the planet as “under construction”.  Things will get better as things get more completed and you will have a bright, shiny new playground and school to learn in.  That is our message of help and hope for today.  We want to help people make this shift and understand what they’re going through.  This is an interesting time that we’re currently in for all of us.

Thank you, Joshua

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