Embrace Variety

Good day!  Today we would like to talk about what has been going on in the world around you while you weren’t looking.  The energy is definitely shifting into a more positive and loving vibration.  It’s no accident that this is happening during your high holiday seasons of thanks and celebration of life and connection to Source and Creation.  The new energy will be felt by many, all if they are open to it, but certainly by those who are looking for it and open to it.  It does not matter, to be clear, whether you are open or not, it is there and it is shifting.  Some, who are rooted in the darkness and see no other way, will find their views on life and perspectives shifting in ways that might upset them and make them feel like they are losing their minds and out of control.  The new energy will be so radically different than what they are used to and have grown to feel comfortable in that it will shake them to their core and we could see some violent outbursts and reactions to the shift.  Take heart and know that this is the result of breaking down old, worn out and unhelpful or useless old ideas and paradigms that no longer will work in the new energy that is coming thru.  Perhaps you will even see it in your own lives, dear ones.  Even the ones who seek the light and have open hearts and minds to the new ways will need to clear out the negativity and darkness in all corners of their soul, mind and body in order to let the new higher vibrational light and energy flow through freely.  Any blockages will need to be cleared and released to be transformed with the new energy.  There is nothing to be afraid of.  Think of the new energy as a cleansing of the soul and energy fields around you.  Replacing the old, worn out and non-productive, non-loving, unhealthy energies that many of you have grown to accept as ‘just life’ and ‘that’s just how it is in this world’.  No longer.  You no longer need to accept that this is ‘just how it is’.  The new energy brings with it new opportunities to connect and truly live in the light with love, joy and wonder at the beauty of the planet and each individual soul that comes here to learn and grow as well as experience the abundance of this amazing planet.  Mother Earth is in the process of giving birth, along with Father Creator, a new paradigm of healing and prosperity and abundance like no other time in history.  Those who embrace this new energy and really let it flow through them and around them, filling every pore of their physical being, emotional self, spiritual self will be gifted with this amazing abundance of Source energy and light.  This is a truly amazing time to be alive on this planet and in the Universe.  The shift in energy on your planet is coinciding with similar shifts throughout the universe.  Because, you see, we are all one and are connected to Source.  We are all parts of one unified and loving whole that yearns for us to rise and really fully align with our higher purpose of loving unconditionally and healing each other with acceptance and joy for our differences.  Source wants us to all be unique so that every possible variation of the human experience can be enjoyed and celebrated here on Earth but also shared with Source.  Source delights in all of the variety and creative ways you express yourselves and experience your physical lives on this plane.  When you are told to embrace diversity or to celebrate diversity, think of this as, not a command from Source, but its truest and deepest hope for mankind.  Diversity of experience and all of the different colors of the human experience delights Source and should delight you as well.  For it is the variety of the world that truly makes it beautiful and interesting.  This is the most amazing school that you could attend.  Look around you and see all of the variety in nature.  Different types of trees, flowers, bees, birds, animals, types of grass and weeds, different religious traditions and belief systems, different ethnic and cultural traditions, variety of musical styles to enjoy, foods to eat, art to embrace and enjoy.  The variety is endless.  It’s plain to see that Source loves variety.  And so should you too.  Really start to observe the world for all of the abundance of variety that is naturally here and then think about the variety of human experiences and cultures that are part of this world.  This is not something to be feared, but revered.  Variety truly is the ‘spice of life’.  Anytime someone or a group has disdain for a group or thing that is different than them they are truly viewing the world from a fear based perspective.  Only in fear would a soul want to squash that which is part of this natural world.  Only fear makes people kill that which it does not understand.  Only fear keeps us in the dark and blindfolds us to the beauty and divinity of the variety in the world.  The world is a beautiful kaleidoscope of variety.  By design.  This is meant to be this way by Creator.  It’s very simple,  as you live your lives, if you do not appreciate some thing that you encounter, all you need to do is acknowledge that you are not attracted to that thing and move away from it.  This could be a person, a type of music or an object or thing, basically any thing that you can imagine.  This is also by design.  While you can certainly allow yourself to appreciate that the thing you are not attracted to does hold attraction to some, it is not for you.  And instead, just move away from it and find that which does speak to your soul and brings you joy.  There is no need to try and obliterate that which you are not attracted to.  It has worth for others even if you can’t imagine how that could be or why.  It is not of your concern to consider this.  You might find that it ‘grows on you’ over time and you find yourself attracted to it later on in your life.  There is nothing wrong or scary about this.  It just means that you have grown and changed enough to now see the beauty and message in it for yourself.

So, today, appreciate all of the variety of beauty around you and accept that it is not all for you at this moment, but it is there for some others to enjoy as well.  Delight in the variety as does Creator and just allow yourself to find joy in the world.  Trust that all is as it should be and the light is growing and evolving just as it is supposed to.  Balance is returning to the planet and there is much to be thankful for and to celebrate.

And so it is.

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