Embrace your Friends as Family

Greetings Dear Ones!

With the weekend coming up soon we thought it might be a nice time to talk about your friend relationships vs your family relationships.  It’s important to remember that all of your relationships should carry the same weight and importance in your lives.  Many people think that they need to put their blood relations/family first at all times.  We don’t think this is prudent.  Many people have very unhealthy relations with their family members and spending time with them is actually harmful to their spirit and psyche, let alone sometimes also their physical health.  Chosen family is a great gift and should be cherished and maintained.  Chosen family, or your dearest friends, often feel like they’re only important to you when your family isn’t around to do things with.  If you could combine the relationships that would be all the better.  Invite your dear friends along on family outings and family along with friendship meetings and merge the two groups of familiars.  You might find that it is in your best interest to completely break away from your family and not spend any time with them.  Perhaps they were only in your life to teach you a lesson that you learned a long time ago and now there is no reason to continue the relationship with them.  Let them go.  Perhaps they are still teaching you and you refuse to learn the lesson.  Consider your family relationships for a moment.  Is there one or two people who constantly challenge you in some manner?  These are lessons that you still need to master.  Once you master the lesson you can release the person and the hold they have over you.  Wouldn’t that feel nice?  You don’t necessarily need to write them out of your life altogether, but you will be better able to deal with their challenges and, more than likely, they will fall away from your life because their mission with you is now complete.  Ah, now that sounds like a wonderful thing, yes?  Let go of unhealthy relationships that hurt you.  This is the lesson in those.  Do not allow anyone to hurt you.  You are God energy and would you want to allow someone to hurt God?  No?  Then don’t allow them to hurt your God self.  Cultivate healthy relationships with those who love and respect you.  Have fun with them and laugh together.  Source loves to hear you laugh and enjoy yourselves.  Learn your lessons, because this is a school after all, and school work always is important, but remember to have fun and enjoy your life too.  It’s not supposed to be all work and no play.  In fact, Source would prefer that you play more than you work.  While this is a school, it is also a vacation spot as well.  This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money and travel to exotic places to relax and enjoy yourselves.  It means that you can have fun, be creative and relax anywhere and with any one.  Family can be anyone, whether they are blood relatives or not.  In fact, the most enjoyable relationships are often with people who are not related by blood.

So, this weekend, take some time to enjoy and relax with your favorite people as much as you can and laugh a little.  Lighten up your life and put a smile on your face.  Maybe you only have one friend.  Call them up and go have dessert with them or coffee or go hiking or play golf together.  Whatever it is you like to do, go do it with a friend.  If your sister is your best friend, call her up and have a laugh together.  This is Source’s wish and gift to you.  Let go of the negativity and darkness in your life and focus on the positive, wonderful and amazing gifts that you already have.  Be thankful for the abundance that is all around you and smile.  God loves you.  The Universe loves you.  We love you.

Go with Love,

Joshua and the Ring Collective

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