Super Moon Energy Vortex

The super moon that came in last night is bringing with it new powerful energy.  This is the only super moon that is full in 2017.  It was not that spectacular a showing for most of the world, but what is significant about it is the energy that it brings with it to your world.  The super moon energy is extra potent and strong.  As you are seeing in your news lately over the past couple of days, the clearing of the old negativity is really heating up and starting to grow and grow.  The vortex for the clearing is opening wider and wider so that all of that darkness can enter and be transformed back into positive light energy full of Source energy and love.  There has been much rejoicing over the new developments but we are here to tell you that this is truly just the tip of your iceberg.  You will be shocked very very much by what will come to light in the near future about those that you thought you could trust and rely on.  The truth is coming through the huge vortex that has opened and it is here to cleanse and return that which is not pure back to source and turned into pure light energy.  We are not talking about physical death here.  That is truly between the soul and Source.  What we are speaking of is an energy clearing and cleansing through the vortex that has opened just for this purpose.  This vortex will collect all of the negativity that it can attract as long as it is needed, which might be quite a while.  Several years, perhaps.  But once the old energy enters the vortex it can not come back out as anything other than light, love and truth.  Many will fall soon and your world will be inspired and transformed into more of the energy that you wish to come to you.  All you need to do is imagine it and it will manifest for you.  Imagine, with all of your heart for the best intentions for all involved to be transformed and they will be.  Anyone who holds love and truth in their heart will be transformed by the light.  There are other vortexes that are opening now just for this purpose.  You can even open your own now.  Imagine your energy swirling and getting stronger and deeper and stronger and deeper until the power of the vortex you created is strong and powerful.  You can send all of your blockages and negativity into it to be cleansed and transformed as well as put your deepest most sincere and loving requests into it.  The vortex will take any request that isn’t of light and transform it, so be aware of what you request from it.  If it isn’t pure going in it will surely be pure coming out.

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