The Beauty of The World

snow2Looking out my window this morning as the snow gently covers the trees, I am awestruck at the purity of the beauty of this world we live in.  There is nothing like being outside at night and the only sound is the snow flakes hitting the ground and the sparkling of the glistening snow in the moon light.  Ah, to be alive in this amazing place we call home.  Out planet is a truly wondrous and beautiful place and is alive with her bounty.  The stillness of the new fallen snow reminds me to be grateful for this beauty and peace that she brings to my life.  I could meditate for hours on the flakes falling from the sky.  Warm memories of childhood snow days come to mind, flooding me with pleasant and sweet feelings.  This is, after all, what it is to be alive.  We’re here to enjoy this beauty that surrounds us every day.  Love the Earth.  Love your home.  Even in the deepest part of the ghetto right now there is beauty waiting to be discovered.  Peace on Earth can be found between the snowflakes, the rain drops, the falling leaves, the blades of grass, the grains of sand.  It’s in the mortar that holds your building together.  It’s in the tires on your car.  It’s in the smile on your child’s face and the tears in her eyes.  It’s in the wrinkles on your grandma’s face, the gray hairs on your head, and the soft breath of your sleeping pets.  Beauty is every where.  Love is every where.  Earth is calling us to love each other and make peace.  Be silent and look around you.  Search for the quiet beauty in your world.  It’s there.  And if you can’t see it, close your eyes and see it there, inside you.  All the world is a reflection of what you can imagine.  Imagine the beautiful scene and birth it into the world.  Carry the image with you throughout your day and pour the beauty out into the world as you go about your business.  This is one of the ways we can all raise our vibrations and work towards a more loving, peaceful world.  Bring the beauty of you out into the world and share it every where you go.  See only the beauty in those around you.  Let the rest fall to the ground like snowflakes melting onto the ground.  Beauty is every where.  Bring the beauty out with you and live the love that you are in the world.  It’s infectious.  Infect the world with your light and love.  And believe in the peace and beauty of this place.

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