Year of Transformation

Channelled message from Joshua, The Ring Collective:

This new year that is closing upon you soon will be quite the year of transformations and clarifications.  As the veil lifts on the world and people can see what has been hidden and out of sight many will find themselves living a much more purposeful and meaningful life.  The freedom that will ring in the new year will be a glorious and uplifting feeling for all who seek the light in their lives.  Light seekers are going to find that their lives flow with joy and unharnessed love and light in the coming year.  Much to look forward to in the new year.  We have often said, have heart, the tide is turning and the darkness will be lifting soon.  Much of that darkness will definitely feel lighter this coming year for many, many people.  It’s important to keep love in your hearts and lead your life from a loving, open place.  We want all people to lead with love when it comes to, especially, their interactions with others.  Even those who have hurt you or you presume to have harmed you in some way.  It is important for your own light to keep shining brightly to keep the love in your heart and let it lead your actions and interactions with others.  Everyone here is on a path of enlightenment and growth in order to raise their vibration and live on the new Earth.  This is one of the most exciting times to be alive in this dimension and be a part of the ascension that is currently occurring.  As the darkness falls away and the clouds of despair dissolve there will be much rejoicing from all corners of the planet and in all cultures.  Remember that we are all really from the same source energy and all have something important to bring to the planetary consciousness.  Be creative and let the light flow through you as you go about your life.  Source loves it when you create and see the world from different directions.

The other really important thing to keep in mind as we ascend is that everyone needs to let their own masks of in-authenticity fall away.  Discard all that is false about yourself.  Open yourself up to living a truly authentic and real life as much as possible.  Falsehoods and fakery will not stand up through the ascension and the masks will fall away either way.  Your true self and true light will shine forth whether you allow it or not.  It’s definitely best to invite authenticity into your life than to have it hoisted on you from outside sources.  For instance, these fallen “heroes” that are in the news so much these days for the ill deeds of their pasts are prime examples of an outside source forcing their masks of in-authenticity to peel off for all to see.  People you thought for many years to be good people, authority figures or powerful figures are now being shown for who they truly are and their actions are now visible for all to see.  Clean out your own closets.  If there are skeletons in there that you are ashamed of, fix that.  Bring the skeletons out of the dark and into the light and heal and make amends where necessary.  You take the lead on how your darkness comes into the light, for all will be visible soon enough.  These “famous” people are just the tip of the icebergs that are out there.  Any dissonance in your own life will have to be brought into alignment in order to follow the ascension.  Heal your falsehoods and bring your dissonances into harmony with your world.  Now is the time to prepare yourselves.  Those who are living honestly and openly will have a much easier time than those who hold onto their old warn out false egos.  Let go of that now and stop playing those games with yourself and others.  We know this is hard to do and that many people might even criticize you for “changing” and living more truthfully.  Realize that this is part of their own awakening process too or it would not bother them so much.  Own your part in what has happened in your life, forgive yourself and others and let your true light shine through in every possible way every day.  It takes a lot of courage to live this way.  We know this.  In the old 3rd dimensional world you think you are still living in, this kind of honesty is often scoffed at and used against you which is why you built your false walls to begin with.  Ask for Divine protection from the Angels and your Guides as you go about embarking on this hero’s journey you have been called to take part in.  You are all Light Warriors on your own hero’s journey toward enlightenment and higher vibration and we know it won’t be easy but we assure you it will be worth it.  All hero’s journeys are worth it in the end.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

And so it is.


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