You Are Not a Computer

Channeled messaged from Joshua of the Ring Collective:

Greetings!  We are very pleased to speak to you today about what it means to ascend.  We talk a lot about getting downloads and upgrades.  This makes you sound like a computer system.  You are, of course, not a computer, but a soul, a spirit, energy.  The upgrades are both physical and mental as are the downloads.  Much like your computer when it is receiving a download or installing a new program, it takes up a lot of the computer’s energy and causes other processes to slow down and become sluggish or unresponsive.  This is similar to how you may be feeling these days.  You may be experiencing a lot of fatigue, inability to focus on your daily life, overwhelm, sluggishness, etc.  This is quite normal and part of the process of the ascension.  Your mind and body are using a lot of its resources to absorb the new information and process the downloads.  This is not a permanent situation that you should be concerned with.  Also, a lot of the information downloads are coming thru as you sleep, so you might wake up not feeling as rested as you normally do.  Your brain has been very busy throughout the night working and your body is busy as well working with the changes that are coming into it.  We always recommend getting extra rest as your body needs it, eating well and taking in plenty of water.  We are noticing that most people do not drink enough water throughout the day and are actually in deficit in this area.  Plenty of water helps your body and mind process the changes easier and puts less stress on your internal systems.  There is no reason to be concerned.  These symptoms of the ascension are temporary and you will get used to the new energy and assimilate the upgrades and downloads soon enough.  You might already be experiencing some relief from the symptoms.  Do not be surprised or disheartened if some of them return as new information comes through for you.

Everyone has an upgrade team helping them get through this process.  If you are called to a certain Archangel or spirit entity at this time, it is safe to assume that they are on your ascension team and it would be helpful to you to acknowledge them and ask for their assistance as you go about your day.  The spirits and angels that are dedicated to this process are ready, willing and very able to help you in every way.  You may feel suddenly very exhausted during the day.  If at all possible, take time to rest and recharge.  There is nothing wrong with you that a little nap won’t cure.  Also, when this happens, drink some extra water.  Energy water that has electrolytes in it is very beneficial as well.  Just avoid artificial sweeteners and chemicals in your fluids as much as possible.

You might be drawn to take in extra caffeine to help with the fatigue and sleepiness.  Be careful about over-doing it with the caffeine.  Too much can actually be counter-productive and block some of your energy circuitry from receiving the downloads fully.  We’re not saying to stop your caffeine, just limit it to one or two moderate cups per day.  Also, avoid fatty foods, fried foods, spicy foods.  This puts extra stress on your body at a time when it is working at peak levels already and can not afford to work harder to process food.  Exercise lightly at this time.  It is very good to do this, but again, it’s not an optimal time to work out hard and over stress your body.  It will just prolong the ascension process and the symptoms that you are currently struggling with.

Rest assured that the ascension is coming through continually for all who are ascending.  The old systems are being phased out every day more and more.  You will continue to see the dark side of public figures being brought into the light.  Clean up your own messes and shadow sides.  Work with your shadow self and help it come into the light to dissipate and heal.  Process through your fears, anger, frustrations, and relationships.  This is a transitional time period for everyone.  As the old worn out systems are replaced you will start to feel better and more energetic again.

All is as it should be.

And so it is.


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