Spirit of Generosity

Channeled message from Joshua, The Ring Collective:

The Federation is now in talks to discuss the future of the ascension and its progress.  Lots has been accomplished so far but we have quite a ways to go yet and we’re hoping to have it completed in the next year or two maximum.  In the meantime, it’s important for everyone to continue to upgrade their energy levels as much as possible and continue spreading positivity and joy as often as they can.  This is a good time of year to practice generosity of spirit and spread the cheer far and wide as everyone is mostly in a giving mindset.  It is important to continue this trend on into the new year and as long as is possible.  Continuously look for ways to help others and lighten their loads in the world.  Not all people are given equally in this world.  It is part of the beauty of Mother Earth.  The differences create tension and release as new heights are achieved and people rise above their initial circumstances upward and onward.  Not much is appreciated or enjoyed as sweetly as those things that have to be earned and hard fought to obtain.  So it is not helpful to help others too much or so much that they don’t learn to do for themselves.  You might call this tough love, but to us, it is just life on your planet and makes for a richer experience.  Painful at time, yes, but that is part of the beauty and richness when one learns to overcome barriers.  Think of how strong and powerful that makes you feel to have prevailed against all odds.  It’s human nature to want and need to do this.  The rich who don’t use their money to influence and buy their way into life circumstances and situations are rare and often highly regarded by the general public.  It is not often that you hear of such things happening.  Service to others is and should be everyone’s number 1 goal in life.  That is what the mother and father want to see from us.  Service to others.  It’s not entirely self less to do for others since so much is given as reward to those who do.  Focus on generosity of spirit and service, raise your vibrations even higher and higher than ever and continue with your ascension, knowing deep inside that all is well and the world is as it should be.  Balance is returning little by little to Earth.  The imbalance will not survive the ascension and , while this will anger some, it is for the best of mankind so that less suffer and happiness and peace is restored fully.  Life on planet Earth is not meant to be so hard and torturous.  Hang in there and continue to take heart.  The fight is real and the war is just.  Continue on, one battle at a time, our Light Warriors and Angels of Light.

And so it is.


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