Ring Collective: A General Message from Jacob

We are happy and humbled to be able to be here today and share our message with you.

Like many of you, we are relatively new and inexperienced with communicating with a spirit in human form. It has certainly been done many times before by many people and energy systems in the Universe, but our collective has not reached out to Earth or humans in the past so we are relatively new at this.  Nevertheless, we find Shawn to be a willing and able medium with which to communicate and we have had several informative and inspirational chats with him in the past several months. There are collectives like ours throughout the Universe who are searching for the best match to their vibrations with which to communicate at this time. Why now, you may ask. Why have we not been seeking communication more in the past other than a few key collectives? It is about the timing and the evolution of the Earth and the human race. It’s been a long time coming but humans are finally waking up and ready to evolve and ascend. Many of you have heard of the ascension that is occurring. Many people are waking up now. Many, like Shawn, heard the calling a long time ago but never knew how to connect with us. With the dawning of the information age and the internet it is easier than ever before to share information across the globe and, even, through time and space. What a wonderful thing that is!!! We are so thrilled to be able to communicate with those who have chosen to come to Earth at this time.

Earth, as we have said before, is a school house for souls to go to learn and grow. The lessons you learn there on Earth are SO valuable and help the collective through your evolution. We are all part of the same cosmos of energy that is the Universe, not unlike the stars and planets, so as you grow and evolve it aids the Universe in growing and evolving. This is a massive thought for many of you to grasp and we understand the magnitude of that for you. Your soul understands your connection to every thing in the Universe and its role in growing and evolving, but as humans, that knowledge is clouded and often completely forgotten. There are many on your planet who believe firmly that they are individuals and have no connection to others or anything else in their world. They may feel a connection only to their family or friends, but other than that, there is no connection to the stranger on the street who needs help. They believe that they will be taking away from their own good if they were to aid someone outside of their inner circle of family and friends. This is not true at all. Whenever you give of yourself, especially outside of what is good for YOU specifically, you are helping the Universe expand and your own soul grow and evolve. And the person you help is lifted as well by your generosity. Remarkably, you might think, the gift to the other person does not need to be large or even money. It could be a smile or a kind word instead of a grimace and looking away. To acknowledge their suffering is to see them and to recognize that they are also part of you and you are all part of the Universe which is created from Source energy. While we are individual souls, and in your case…an individual soul having a human experience…we are all from the same loving Source energy and are all connected by that Source.

Our mission is to educate and share our message of love and understanding throughout the Universe as much as possible. And by so doing, we hope to create more ambassadors of love and compassion throughout the Universe, especially your world. The suffering in the world is there for a reason. It may seem cruel and unnecessary, and it is to some degree. But, you see, some souls come to Earth to learn about suffering and cruelty and sometimes the way they learn about it is to embody it. It does not mean that these souls are truly cruel or even evil. They are not. They are learning just as you are. They benefit as much as you do by the experience. We realize that this is a difficult concept for you to swallow and comprehend. You may intellectually understand, but it is much harder for you to accept. This does not mean that you should tolerate cruelty in the world. Absolutely NOT!! This is part of the learning for those who are learning about cruelty. They want to know how it feels and what it is like to be punished and shamed for wrong doings. They need to learn these lessons. It is only when you have experienced something first hand that you truly understand it and know the lesson throughout your whole being. This is part of the game you play there on Earth. Some are there to antagonize and hurt others and some are there to save the world and be heroes. Others are there to just get by and observe how the world works while having some fun along the way. There are so many beautiful and horrible ways to play the game of life on Earth and you all have come here with a purpose in your Soul’s consciousness. Nothing is accidental there. Who your family is or was, your ancestry, gender, race, place of birth, skills and interests, personality traits, even your physical attributes. It is all of your soul’s intention in order for you to play the game to the best of your ability and get the most out of the experience. It may seem cruel to arrive in this world with some form of physical disability or to experience a horrowing event, but please believe us that this is all part of your own plan in coming here. No one is truly a victim. Everyone chooses to come to Earth with a specific purpose and plan set forth. You can not come there without a plan. You come there with support from other souls as well as spirits in your quest for evolution and knowledge. Yes, life on Earth can be wonderful and gloriously beautiful and that is certainly one of the allures in going there. But it is also hard and scary and will test your resolve and desire to evolve in a multitude of ways. It is not a vacation by any means. There are moments that are like that, but the majority of life is filled with tension and struggle. This is ok and it is by design. Accept it as part of your existence and life path. When you do not resist what is natural about your world you will discover that it becomes exponentially simpler and flows easier for you. Accept that you can not control others or outcomes. You have no control over anyting except your own behavior, attitudes, feelings and thoughts. This is all that you can control.

It is a push-pull world you live in. Others will push you and pull you in directions that you are uncomfortable with. They will challenge you and try to make you suffer. Why? Because that is their job. Your job is to stand in your TRUTH and be firm in your resolve in who you are and what YOU stand for. It is, ultimately, the goal for all souls to know love, peace and happiness. However, if you have never suffered or struggled you can not appreciate those things. So while some are there to push you or pull you in their direction, you must push and pull in your own direction and align yourself with others who are pushing and pulling in the direction you are heading. You will form collectives of your own in this lifetime. You might call these souls friends or family or co-workers or followers. It does not matter what they are called. What matters is that you are in alignment in some way and are heading in the same general direction. The more you can gather to you that are heading exactly in your direction the stronger your bond will be and your collective energy field.

Shawn always says that it doesn’t matter what you want to achieve as long as you put all of yourself into it and be the best at it you can be. We concur with this sentiment. We want to see you succeed and evolve as much as you do. As we’ve said before, when you evolve the whole of the Universe evolves. Many more are awakening now than ever before in record numbers. What a glorious and beautiful thing this is for us to witness!! At first, it’s like you’ve been asleep and you are drowsy and cloudy headed. Not sure of what is going on with you. What is this that I’m experiencing, many will ask. Those of you who are awake, be the LANTERN BEARERS for these newly awakened souls. Show them the way and provide a path for them. They are new at this but will quickly catch up when given a chance. Have faith in them and trust that they are here for the same reason you are. You chose to come to this place at this time and you are exactly where you are supposed to be, doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing. Follow your heart always and trust your instincts and intuition. They will never steer you wrong!

Thank you for the opportunity to share our message of Love and Light!

Jacob and The Ring Collective

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