Important Messages in A Wrinkle In Time

a wrinkleWhen I first saw the trailer for A Wrinkle In Time on my TV I knew I had to see it as soon as possible.  Not because I thought I would learn something from it, which I really didn’t, but because I knew that there were millions of people who needed to see it.  I knew nothing of the book from which it was based nor the story line, but I knew it had a powerful message that people needed to hear.  And I was right.  The message: Darkness is trying to take over the Universe and Love, Light and Truth are what will save us from it.  I already knew this, as do many of you, I’m sure.  But the vast majority of the population does not know this.  Not really.  This movie is hopeful and hope is what is needed now.  This movie speaks a lot of truth and in such a loving way that it’s like a shining beacon of light on a dark and stormy night.

There were so many powerful quotes I couldn’t remember them all so I spent some time today looking them up.  I was searching for one that appears at the end of the movie, spoken by Oprah Winfrey’s character, Mrs. Which, that I found to be particularly powerful and poignant.  It goes like this:

“You see, this is what the “it” does.  One person at a time, until fear takes over.  Fear turns to rage.  Rage leads to violence.  And then there is a tipping point.  If we do not act soon, darkness will fall across the Universe.  We’re in search of warriors who can fight the “it”!  Who can bring hope back.  Be a warrior.  Can you?”

Yes, yes, yes!!  I’m a warrior for the light.  Are you?  Can you be?  I know you can.

Mrs. Whatsit said, “We’re warriors who serve the good and light and the Universe.”

“You just have to find the right frequency and have faith in who you are”, Mrs. Which.

Love is the frequency.

In the movie, as in the book, I’m sure, it was important for the children to keep love in their hearts for each other as well as for themselves.  They needed to own their faults and recognize that they made them special and unique, not ugly and unlovable.

Mrs. Which said, “Do you know how many events, choices, that had to occur since the birth of the Universe leading up to making you?”  This is so true.  You are so precious and unique, even with all of your faults, especially with your (perceived) faults.  The Universe, God, loves you more than you can know every minute of every day.

These messages are so simple, yet so powerful.  And people need to hear them now, because there is a growing darkness trying to take over this planet that has to be stopped.  You might feel hopeless and like you have no power over what the government or the media does.  You’re wrong about that.  The antidote to this dark energy is the light and love that we all still have within us.  Spread your light as far and wide as you can.  Focus on the beauty of the world and the good that people do.  Love the people who are the meanest and nastiest because they need it the most.  Have you ever tried being nice to someone who is hateful?  Unless they are a true psychopath with no empathy or feelings at all, their negativity and darkness will crack and crumble with your bright smile and loving gesture.  They might think you’re crazy, but that’s ok.  Let them think it.  Shine your light!  Smile at people, especially if they seem to be angry and miserable.  You never know how much power that little smile could have on someone.

This really is not a movie review at all.  I took a friend with me to the theater who had read the book and she absolutely hated the movie.  I found it quite delightful, as I was pretty ignorant of what to expect.  I don’t think it will go down in anyone’s book as a great movie, but it was entertaining and has the messages within it to really open some eyes if they’re willing to see, so I think there is a lot of value in it.  I like to support efforts to further promote a positive and loving message, so I recommend seeing the movie.  If nothing else, the costumes and cinematography is quite lovely.

Thank you for reading!

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