Embrace Your Faults and Let Go

to do listThis morning when I woke up I had a running dialogue in my head about how I hadn’t been following my schedule like I had planned and I was behind at work, which led to me feeling like I was failing at my life and not doing all I “should” be doing.  Which led me to think about how I really need to lose weight and get in better shape and it just went down hill from there until I realized that I was, once again, beating myself up for my imperfections and short-comings and I stopped it right then and there.  I was thinking about how I have all of these things on my spiritual to-do list: meditate every day, ground myself, ask for white light protection, pray and be thankful, channel with Jacob, talk to my Guides, write a blog post on one of my blogs, etc. and, again, it just felt like I was beating myself up and feeling like I was not doing all I should do.  When I noticed that I was applying my 3rd dimensional matrix mind to my spiritual practices I knew that I was really treading into some sacred areas that made me stop in my tracks and take stock of what I was doing.

The truth is, we humans are not perfect beings living perfect lives and isn’t that glorious?  Why would we want to be perfect?  Do we really want to live Stepford Wife lives like robots?  I know I don’t.  Sure, I’d like to be a little more organized and scheduled in my life so that I remember to do everything I want to do, but is it really a big deal if I don’t take the time every day to meditate or channel?  No, it isn’t.  Jacob has told me many times that they do not want me to feel pressured to fit them into my life and that time is irrelevant to them, so whenever I have time and feel the need to chat they will be there.  That should take the pressure off of me, right?  But I put pressure on myself to show them that I care about working with them and want them to know that I’m dedicated to bringing their messages to humanity.  They already know this.  There’s nothing for me to prove.

So I asked Jacob if they have some advice for us mere humans down here on Earth struggling with all of our faults and imperfections and feeling lousy about ourselves for them and this is what he had to say:

Shawn, first of all, thank you for asking us about this very important issue that is very unique to your 3rd dimensional, Earthbound life.  We have the utmost respect for the pressures you feel on a daily basis and your desire to do what is right and good in the world.  We want you to know that you are perfect, even if you can’t see it or feel it.  Just by being alive and living your lives the best you can you are already living out your potential and purpose in life.  Life on Earth is not supposed to be so hard.  The culture you live in puts a lot of pressure on people to succeed and “become” something more than they already are, but all you have to do is look at a newborn baby and realize what a miracle you are.  Were you not once a newborn baby yourself?  All of you were at one time new to this life and were you not absolutely perfect at that moment?  Of course you were!!!  What changed since birth?  Nothing.  You are still perfect creations and manifestations of spirit and light.  You’re just as perfect today as you were the first day of your life.  You are still as miraculous today as you were that day.  In our eyes, you have no faults or imperfections.  If you are worried that you will disappoint God or your Spirit Guides, or Angels, don’t be.  There is nothing you can do to disappoint them, frustrate them, anger them, etc.  If you miss the bus today because you’re running late because you over-slept because you stayed up too late watching that movie you’ve been wanting to see or chatting with a friend it is not a testament to your value or worth.  It simply means that you needed more sleep than you allotted yourself and the result was being late to catch the bus.  We just use this as an example, but hopefully you can relate this to other situations in your life.

As for having a “spiritual to-do list”… there is no need for that.  Yes, of course, the things that are important to you should be allowed to exist in your experience, or planned into your day, if possible.  But if there isn’t time in the day then you just pick it up the next time you can.  There is no reason to fault yourself or think mean things about yourself about it.  We want you to know how perfect and special and magnificent you truly are.  If you could internalize this concept and carry it with you throughout your day, treat yourself (and others) like you would a newborn baby, perhaps you would find some peace and happiness in life.  We’re not suggesting that you just stop doing the things that you need to do.  You do, after all, exist in a material plane where there are things you need to do and you should do them to the best of your ability.  But, you are also, primarily, spirits of light energy having a human experience and you should honor that as well.  You are already everything you want to be and you already have everything that you need to be whole.  You might disagree with this statement, and that’s ok.  Our message is always of love and caring and we want the best for everyone.  We know that whether your house is perfectly clean or your child behaves perfectly in school has absolutely no importance and should not be of concern to you, but your reality might suggest that we are totally wrong.  You have to live your life the way that fits you best.  But, do it with love and caring for yourself and your family and friends.  Don’t beat yourself up over the trivial details of your life.

Shawn is a great example of a person who used to worry constantly about every little detail of his life to the point where he lost sleep and had stomach issues from the stress he put on himself.  He may not remember to what extent he stressed about his life, but we know that it took a huge toll on him and sucked the joy out of his life for many years.  Today, he is much more relaxed about the details and has learned to go with the flow more.  He is surrounded by Type A individuals who are always trying to force him back into that world of to-do lists, multi-tasking and go go go constantly so it is always something that he is mindful of as he goes about his life.  Others may see him as not caring about things, but he still cares.  He just recognizes that it isn’t as important as his Type A friends and family believe it to be.  Also, he knows that everything always works out for the best and trusts the Universe to take care of all the small details of things.  He just needs to think of the big picture of his life and The Universe takes care of all of the details along the way.  All he has to do is show up.  Wouldn’t that be nice to not have to micromanage your life anymore and learn to trust and allow the Universe to work for you?  You, too, can learn to let go of your sense of control, which is an illusion, and learn to trust and have faith that all is well at all times, even if it doesn’t appear that way at the moment?  Of course, that would be easier and it is possible if you allow it.  It took Shawn a few months to start trusting and allowing, but once he started to let go he saw that life got so much easier and flowed so much better for him that now we don’t think he would ever go back to trying to over control his life again.  As you read at the beginning of this post, he still has his days where he feels bad about himself and starts to slip back into his 3rd dimensional ways, but the difference is that he recognizes what he’s doing and stops it as soon as he’s aware of it.  You can do this too with patience and practice.  Just think about it and maybe give it a try for a few minutes and see if the world still keeps turning if you don’t judge yourself or try to control your life.  Take a few deep breaths and just think about what a miracle it is that you’re here right now at this time and look around at the beauty that is all around you and let that soak in to your awareness and wash your stress away for a minute.  You will feel better.  We guarantee it.  You are not a human DOING.  You are a human BEING.  Try to just BE for a few minutes and take a break from the chaos and stress in your life.

We wish you all the best in your life and hope you find peace and tranquility, even in these trying times.

With love and light,
Jacob and Shawn

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