No Reason to Fear Death

astral travelFirst, it is our honor and pleasure to talk with you today about this subject.  Many wonder what happens to them when they pass away from physical form and it creates much fear in the body and mind.  We want you to know that there is nothing to fear, even if you believe that you have done a lot of bad things in your life and will be punished somehow in the after life.  There is no punishment awaiting you.  You will spend time going over and reviewing your life, as much time as is needed, and there might be pain in viewing these things from the perspective of the other person, but it is not a punishment.  It is merely a tool for learning so that you can grow and learn from the experience.

Once your body has expired, and even moments before it, your spirit will ascend out of the body and you will float above your body and observe what is happening.  There will be no pain and only peace.  Your Guides and Angels will be with you to help guide you home.  During this phase you may want to send love and light to others who are there with you in the room and you will be given a chance to do so.  When you are ready, the guides will help you enter the astral tunnel that will lead you home.  This tunnel is like an ascension from the earth into space, but you are not actually going anywhere in physical terms.  Your spirit is traversing and ascending energetically to higher, or different, planes of experience.  You will be brought to the gateway of the spiritual plane where you will meet your Guides and the Guardians of the Gate.  The Guardians and your Guides will fill you with love and welcoming and there will be some communications about what you have been through and whether you are ready to move through the gates back into spiritual energy.  This is a beautiful place and one you will recognize from having lived other lifetimes.  If you are a new soul, it will be new to you but it will not be intimidating or scary in any way.  Once you have decided that now is the time to return home and all agree, the gates will open and together you will all pass through the gates into the spirit world.  Your spirit will return to its home base, which could be in a star system, a planet, any kind of astronomical object that you can think of and you will rejoin your soul group and collective consciousness.  You will spend time healing and recuperating/resting from your long journey and life and catching up with others from your group.  You will take time to review your life journey and work with your adviser to plan what your next options will be.  You might feel a need to keep an eye on your loved ones or friends for a while after your ascension so you might decide to hang out in a nearby planetary or stellar location which is close by earth and watch over them for a while.  You may decide to send part of your spirit back to earth to hover around and look after them, join their spirit team if its needed to help them until they are ready to pass or you feel that they are ready to live without your assistance.  There are so many different options that you could choose to do once back in spirit form that it’s impossible to speak of them all.  You may report directly to a council and work with them for a while.  You may re-live certain times of your life so that you can practice handling situations better or differently than you did while on earth.  There are many options available and no two spirits choose exactly the same path.

While you may spend time in another part of the Universe, you will still be connected and communicating with your own soul group and collective.  They are always with you as you astral travel around the Universe.  Even when you are in physical form, they are connected to you.  Your Guides are part of your collective and soul group.  They serve to remind you of things when you get too off track.  While you don’t remember all of this while incarnated, your spirit (or soul) never forgets.  Your higher self/spirit/soul is always with you, because it IS you, your true you and all you need to do in this life to connect to it is to talk to it and sit down with it to connect, meditate with it, visualize with it, etc.  You don’t need to do anything special or magical though.  There are some things that it can not tell you while you’re in physical form, but there are many that it can.  Simply ask it and you will hear it whisper in your ear.

It’s very hard to imagine, from a physical perspective, but we are all light energy and spirits in our purest and truest sense.  You are no different from me, other than you are living right now on the physical plane in an incarnated existence and have forgotten who you really are.  When you leave your body, you will not be scared because you will be going home to your natural and most familiar state.  Your physical form, if you think about it, is not all that comfortable for most people.  Why else would so many of you be jealous of others and wish for different bodies than you were given?  In spirit form, there is no physical body and you can transform your appearance at any time to whatever you wish it to appear as.  You don’t have to go on a diet or work out to build the physique of your dreams.  Imagine it and then it appears.  Doesn’t that sound wonderful?  Plus, in spirit form, there is a whole lot less interest in what you look like because, well, no one is really looking at you anyway.  We all see each other’s spirit and not some physical manifestation of them, like on Earth.  We don’t judge each other by what they are wearing or how much they weigh.  It just is not an issue in spirit form.

So don’t fear death.  There is no death.  Your physical body does die, but who you are on a spiritual and energetic level lives on eternally and goes home to where it came to join the other souls in its collective who are all working towards the same or similar goals and have similar attributes.  There is nothing to fear.  Knowing this, we would like to suggest that everyone just live their lives with joy and harmony and enjoy this wonderful playground that you have been given for a little while.  Enjoy you life.  Learn and grow and help others do the same and let your fear of death go.

It has been our honor and pleasure to share this information with you today.

In love, light and truth,

Jacob, The Ring Collective

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