Manifesting Abundance

abundanceToday, we would like to say that, first of all, we are thrilled to be here communing with Shawn and you through this medium and are very pleased to be able to share our understanding and knowledge.  We are here today to speak to you about manifesting and abundance.  This is a very hot topic for all of you and one which will be of utmost importance as you traverse your lives here on the physical plane that you reside.  It’s important to remember that you already have all that you need and the ability to bring it into your experience is there within each of you.  Abundance is all around you and within.  As you discover your desires and wants, as well as your needs, believe that it is being provided to you at this very moment as you think it.  Some things may take longer to manifest than others, but it is all on its way to you at this very moment.  However, you must also try to remember not to think conflicting thoughts or hold conflicting emotions around the wanting.  If you want a new car but hold the belief that it is unrealistic to believe that you can have a new car then you are neutralizing and effectually cancelling out your request for the new car.  If you can get your emotions and belief system to allow the possibility that a new car could come into your reality in some magical way, you open yourself up to the wonders of the Universal Source energy that is available to you and all who ask.  We say that it is magic, but it is truly not magic.  It may seem miraculous or unbelievable to you because of your forgetting state of physical form, but your higher self knows the laws of the Universe and how they work.  Staying with the new car idea, you may believe that you can not have a new car because you don’t have the money for the new car and this may be a fact at the moment.  But there are an infinite number of ways that a car that is new to you could come into your existence without you needing the money or without your bank account proving that the money is there at this very moment.  You see, everything is always changing and the Universe is always in motion so what appears as reality in this moment will be different in the next.  So, along with opening up your belief system and your emotions to allow the possibility of something magical to happen also keep in mind that everything is constantly changing so that if you do not have the money you need in this moment that will most certainly be changing in the future.  Open to the possibility that the money could come to you or that you might be gifted with a car or that a car that you can afford might come into your consciousness.  Does it really matter how you get the car?  If you are fixed on a particular car in a particular color then put that out there as your desire and allow it to come to you.  And then allow it time and space to materialize.  It may take time for the Universe to move all of the pieces together to bring your car to you, but it will materialize at some point, the perfect moment.  If you need a car today and there is urgency then let that be known with the full emotions that you feel around it.  You might not be gifted with a new car, but someone who can drive you about might appear in your life and be willing to help you out until the car does get into your energy field.  This is the magic that we discuss.  And be grateful for what comes even if it is not exactly what you desire.  Your higher self knows what you really need vs what you want and will make sure you get what you need first.  Perhaps you want a sports car but you really need a mini van.  Do not expect the sports car to be easy to get.  But, depending on your higher self and your Guides, the sports car might pop up for you immediately but there will be a niggling inside you that this is not the right car and you may feel hesitation and or resistance to it, which might puzzle you.  You wanted a sports car and here it is.  Right price, right color, etc.  Yet, you feel resistance.  If you feel into the resistance and ask why you are resisting what you said you desired you might find that you know deep down that the sports car, while wonderful and fun, is not the car you actually need to own at this point in time.

Abundance is used almost exclusively in your population to equate to money.  But you must understand that abundance comes in all shapes, sizes and flavors and money is only one of those flavors.  And, likewise, it is only one way to gain what you need and want.  Abundance comes in the form of love, support, wisdom, knowledge, physical items, safety, food, drink, sex, health, medicine, educational certifications, etc.  If you can name it and use it in some way, then it is part of what makes up Abundance.  Sometimes we have too much abundance in one area and not enough in another.  Usually it is acceptable to trade abundance that you have a surplus of for some that you do not.  Maybe you have a lot of time and energy but not a lot of food.  You can trade your time and energy to generate more food in your life.  Everything needs to balance.  Where there is an imbalance, resolution and equilibrium must be sought for harmony to exist.   Likewise, if you spend too much time being idle you will have an imbalance that will not allow abundance to come to you.  The Universe is a place of action and movement as well as rest.  Too much rest or too much movement puts the equilibrium of life off balance and that disturbs your ability to manifest and attract abundance.  You might be thinking, Jacob, isn’t it true that if I work a lot of hours I will make more money than if I worked less?  Possibly.  But in the hours that you are not at your job, you might find easier and more fruitful ways to make extra cash or to obtain that which you desire.  You must remember that you have been taught that working hard is the only way to make money and this is not really true.  It is, often, one of the ways to make extra money, but it is not the only way.  And we also would like to remind you to think outside of the box of money when you consider what abundance means to you.  You might have an abundance of clothing in your closet and you really need a new computer for your child.  You could leverage your abundance in one area to help you obtain what you really need and have a lack of.

There is a misconception in the general public that if you say your affirmations and ask the Universe for something then you can just sit on your couch and wait for the thing to appear on your doorstep.  This is not how it works in most cases.  Some action on your part is necessary.  The Universe wants to see you moving in the direction of your dreams and desires.  It’s not that you are proving anything to the Universe, but that you are moving your energy in the direction of that which you desire and that, in turn, aids the Universe in moving more energy in that direction too.  The phrase, “God helps those who help themselves”, while not exactly accurate, is a useful mantra to remember as you go about manifesting your uniquely abundant life.  Help the Universe out and move in the direction you want the energy to flow.  Doing this opens an energetic vortex that allows energy to flow to you for that thing you need or want.  Think of it often with joy and how happy it makes you, as if you already have it.  Go visit it if you can.  Dream of it, with joy, never fear or anger or frustration.  Imagine yourself in it, on it or using it.  Bring it to life in your mind and touch it if you can.  These are all very powerful acts.  If you have just a little bit of the thing you want more of, hold it or look at it and think about how much you love it and really allow yourself to FEEL the power of that emotion when you are with it.  Tell the Universe, “I really love this thing, it makes me feel so joyful and happy.  I would like more of it.”

Positive thoughts beget positive results.  If you find yourself thinking something negative around the thing, like, “I’ll never have _____”, immediately change that to something positive, like, “Every day the Universe is working to bring more of _____ to my reality.”  Hold onto positive thoughts as much as you can and as often as you can.  Make a vision board if you want.  Get a smaller version of the thing and hold it and feel the emotion that you will feel when the real thing is in your life.  Infect your desires with as many positive emotions as you can and stay away from negativity.  Negativity will only cause the thing to leave you and be harder and slower to get to you.  And, in the meantime, love what you do have and be grateful for it.  Look around you at this very moment and take stock of what you have.  Even if you live on the street and just have a bag of dirty clothes that you carry around with you, look around at the sky and the sun, and thank them for the air and the warmth that they are providing you.  Gratitude for the life you have, no matter how humble, holds so much value to the Universe.  This life that you are blessed to live, no matter how hard or tortured you might feel, is precious and blessed.  You are a child of God, of the Universal Source of all that is and ever will be.  You are God for the source of all lives and breathes within each of you.  Be kind to each other as you would like others to be to you, no matter how they act.  Find that little light that still shines within your heart, that will shine until your last breath, and thank it for this life.  Remember, Earth is a playground and a school.  You’re here to learn and have fun.  As long as you are doing those two things then all is well for you.  If you are not doing those things, then start doing them and you will see your life change in miraculous ways.  It’s easy to get bogged down with the heaviness of this place and the responsibilities that you feel are on your shoulders.  Do the best you can, smile and love others.  Learn from your mistakes and enjoy every moment you have on this plane.  You wanted to come here or you wouldn’t be here.  You have a mission to do, so get doing it.  Get moving, take action, be joyful and hopeful.  Everything is always changing so no matter how rotten life might feel in this moment, the next one will be different.  Help each other out too, because everyone is struggling to figure out what they’re supposed to be doing just like you are.  All is well and you are loved more than you could ever know.

It has been our honor and pleasure to share this information with you and we wish you all the best and most profound happiness and abundance possible.

Jacob and The Ring Collective

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