Be at Peace With Who You are Right Now

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If you are anything like our friend, Shawn, you are one who is always interested in learning new things and bettering yourself and your lot in life.  This is an admirable pursuit and allotment of your time and energy.  However, if you don’t balance these very expensive endeavors out with pure joy and gratitude for where you are at this moment in time, you can quickly find yourself becoming overwhelmed and starting to feel negative towards yourself and the outside world.  You see, by always trying to improve yourself you are, essentially, saying to yourself that you are not good enough in this moment and that there is something wrong with you.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  You are all perfect as you are at every moment of your life and you are exactly where you are supposed to be at this very moment.  There is perfect perfection in this very moment that you are standing in.  Therefore, it is imperative for all parties involved, especially you, that you honor and love where you are right this moment, for it is perfect and part of your Divine Plan.  It is Blessed and Holy and Good.  It is good to remember that you are on a journey, a blessed, divine journey of the soul and every step is just as divine as the next.  The destination is always moving, as you move.  There is no end to this journey.  It is eternal.  For, as you may cease to exist in this physical realm, your soul continues the journey on in the spirit realm, always evolving, always changing and growing, always seeking higher and higher goals.

You’ve often heard the phrase, “take time to smell the roses”.  Well, that is exactly what we are suggesting you do.  Give yourself a break from the constant striving and struggling to take a moment and relish in the beauty of the moment you find yourself in.  Look around you.  Where is there beauty?  Enjoy it.  Hold it, smell it, taste it.  Look in the mirror and see the beauty and amazing wonder that is you.  God made you.  You are Divine and Perfect just as you are.  Really look at yourself and say to yourself, “You are beautiful.  I love your _____ (nose, smile, eyes, hair, etc.).”  Just as you would compliment a friend or lover, look at yourself with the same love and admiration and make a loving comment.  How does it feel?  Does it make you feel warm and happy or is it uncomfortable and awkward?  Either way, try to take a moment every day and do this little exercise for yourself.  And acknowledge that, even though you are working to become better in some way, you are perfect and divine just as you are in this moment.  There is nothing more that you need to do to fulfill your purpose than to just be who you are and live your life with love in your heart.  Even if all you do is sit on your couch for the rest of you life, if you love yourself and have love for others, you are doing enough.  Love is the fuel of the Light that is our Source energy and by feeling love for yourself and others you are feeding the light here on this physical plane.  It is not necessary to do this, but it lifts you and others up if you do, so we highly recommend it.

Whatever you do, let go of any negative thought patterns that you entertain about where you SHOULD be or what you SHOULD be doing or what you SHOULD look like or how smart and successful you SHOULD be.  If the word SHOULD is in there, let it go and release it.  All you are doing is “shoulding” all over yourself with these thoughts and they do not serve you in any positive way.  Of course, you could say that they motivate you.  Ok.  But wouldn’t it be nicer to motivate yourself with kind and loving thoughts?  Like, “I’m getting better and better every day.”  Negative thoughts can motivate, but they are expensive to your soul and your being.  When we say that something is expensive, we are not talking about money.  We are talking about your sense of self esteem, self love, confidence, higher purpose, soul calling, whatever you want to call these things that you know exist yet you can’t hold in your hand.  Those things get damaged little by little the more you use words like should in your self talk.  If you truly want to be the best version of yourself possible, don’t you think you will need a lot of confidence, self-esteem and self love?  You can not give to others what you do not already possess yourself.  So if you want love in your life, you must first start with loving yourself.  It’s a simple law of the Universe, yet so many struggle with it, because society does a really good job of breaking your spirit from a very young age.  Reclaim your worth.  Think about all that you’ve gone through in your life, all of your struggles and successes, no matter how small they may seem.  Isn’t there a lot of evidence that you are a pretty cool person after all?  If someone told you your life story, do you think you might think, “Wow!  That person has really been through a lot and must be very strong and wise”?  None of you could tell us your story and we wouldn’t be in awe of how far you’ve come.  Believe us when we tell you that we are in total and utter awe of you for just being you and living your life.  It’s amazing to us.

So go look in the mirror and find something that you like about yourself and tell you about it.  You will put a smile on your face for the rest of the day.  Even if someone says something mean to you, you can still smile inside and think about what an awesome and amazing person you really are.  It’s a shame that person is too blind to see it.

It has been our pleasure and honor to share this information with you.  We wish you all peace, love and prosperity.

Jacob, The Ring Collective

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