Shedding the Old to Make Way for the New

purgeSpring is a wonderful time to clear out the old, worn and dead pieces of our lives that are no longer working for us.  We often do a spring cleaning around our houses and our yards, but how often do we extend this purging into our private lives or even our professional lives?  I’d say that it rarely happens unless it’s forced upon us.  But, I think it’s a really good idea to do this at lease once per year.  What happens when you purge your closet of clothes you haven’t worn in over a year?  You realize how dusty and cluttered your closet has become.  Once you get all that old stuff out and either give it away, sell it or throw it in the garbage you look at your closet and realize that there is a lot more room in it than before.  You can do this in every room of your house and by the end of the purging process you will have a cleaner, fresher, roomier place to call home.  If you take this process to your personal life it has the same effect.  Think about the people that you spend time with or call friends.  How many of them do you stay in contact with regularly?  How many of them add something positive to your life?  Is somebody really dragging you down lately, or all the time?  Let them go.  Lovingly release them from your life.  Nurture the relationships in your life that feed you and that you feel good feeding in return.  If it is not making you happy or necessary (like a family member, maybe) than just release it with love to the Universe.  There’s no need to make a big production of it.  Just like you would fold up the old shirt that no longer fits you well and put it in a box to take to Goodwill, fold up the relationship and wish the other person well.  Stop interacting with that person.  Stop entertaining them.  Do things with others instead.  Spend quality time with yourself if there is no one else.  Stop spending time with negative people to avoid being alone or lonely.

What about your work life or career?  Is it feeding you?  Or are you feeling drained by it with very little coming back to you for your efforts?  Are you feeling like there has to be more in life than what you are doing?  Is there a way to better your situation?  Could you get a new career or a new job at a new place?  Can you ask for a promotion or learn a new skill that would help you get a promotion?  Take stock of your career life.  What is working and what would you like to let go?  Imagine and play with the idea of your perfect job.  What would it look like?  Can your current job fulfill that dream?  Is there a way to create it where you are or do you need something  different?  Now is a great time to figure all of that out and make a plan for the future.


I am, personally, going through a purging process of my own at work.  I own my business and work for myself and, while this gives me much greater control than if I were an employee, it also puts much more pressure on me to make good decisions because it not only affects me but my employees and customers as well.  My business is at a cross roads.  I could close it, try to sell it, down-size it or change it altogether into something new.  The one thing I can not do is keep it as it is.  The Universe is pushing me to change.  I want to change.  But it’s hard and it’s going to take a lot of work no matter what decision I make.  I find it quite interesting and fascinating that the Universe has been aiding me in this transition by naturally letting a lot of the ‘dead wood’ fall away that I’ve been holding onto with my business.  It’s also been frustrating.  Like all of you, I often resist change.  I would like to find the right employees that I enjoy working with and can rely on and keep them forever.  But it doesn’t work like that.  People have dreams and goals of their own that often don’t include working for a small business with limited capabilities for their entire lives.  So, people come and go and there is a natural rhythm to it that I can’t control and I have had to learn to not take it personally and just allow it to happen.  Sometimes I have a little bit of control, but most of the time I don’t.  I’ve just had to learn to accept the changes and move on with new people.  Generally, the company is better off for getting new people working in it.  New ideas, fresh perspectives, more energy.

You see, when you let go of the old, especially when it is stuck and not growing, you allow new and fresh energy to flow into your world.  And with this new energy there is expansion and oxygen, new life force.  Everyone is better for it.  Change really is good most of the time, even when it’s not welcome change.  So I have a decision to make and there is no statistical data that can really help me.  There is no page in the Book of Life that I can go to to figure out what I should do.  This business was my baby that I created 18 years ago.  I had wanted it for many years and had trained myself through hard work to do things I didn’t know how to do so that I could be self sustained in the business as much as possible.  It’s grown well past what I ever dreamed it to be and sometimes, if I’m honest, that has kind of pissed me off and made me angry.  I never asked for all of this responsibility and didn’t really want it.  What I wanted most was to be able to work alone and to be my own boss, not necessarily to be other people’s boss.  I never really wanted to be responsible for paying other people or to necessarily have set hours of operation and a public face.  My vision was much smaller than it has grown to be.  Now I have to decide, after many years of being unhappy with how it has grown because I didn’t have a clear vision for this version of my dream, what do I want my business to be when it grows up?  It’s not much different really than a person.  It has a personality and a life force flowing through it.  And I need to figure out what I’m going to do with it very soon ( a week or two).

As I said, the Universe is helping me out.  It’s been slowing everything down to a crawl and purging a lot to the point that I have taken notice and have to do something about it.  I’m being forced to change and it hurts.  But I can embrace the change or become bitter.  I’m embracing the change as an opportunity to fix and clean up old baggage and make way for new life force and vitality to come in.  I’m not sure at this point in time what physical shape that will take, but I’m excited about the possibilities.  I feel like I’m pregnant, ready to pop out new life, but I have to clear out old stuff first to make room for it.  So after you clean your closet out and you see how much room you have, that’s a good time to go get some new things that make you feel alive and excited to be you again.

Change is good!

Posted by Shawn B. Wilson

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