Greetings From Distant Lands

It’s been quite a while since I shared anything here.  I have been extremely busy with travel over the past two months and have not had good enough internet service to post nor the time and energy to do so.  After trips to Venice, Italy and a tour through the Greek Isles, Dubrovnik, Croatia and London, family reunions and a funeral in a neighboring state, I am finally getting settled back into a routine and wish to jump back into a more regular schedule of posting to this site.  My goal for here out is to post every Wednesday at noon, even if all I have to say is that there is nothing new to say.  Hopefully that won’t happen very often.  🙂

I do want to spend a little time talking about my latest trip to Europe.  First, let me say that I get a LOT of stress and anxiety about traveling on airplanes, boats, buses, trains, etc. and especially about travelling out of the country.  This trip was no different.  I was feeling anxious and, as I do when feeling this way, I consulted my Guides and Angel clan for assistance in the weeks leading up to the trip.  What they told me was that there was a past life in Venice where I was on a merchant ship that was ambushed and I was killed.  They helped me clear out this past life and also some other negative energy that I was carrying and I felt much better.  The plane ride over was uneventful other than being extremely uncomfortable, which it is for most people.  I had one moment on the flight where I felt very anxious but I was able to reign that in and sleep a little to get through it.  My Angels told me to just go and enjoy myself and have fun with my family on this great adventure and not to worry.  Whenever I felt anxious at all I called on my personal angels and Archangel Michael for protection and safety.  I relied heavily on my angel team for the two weeks I was away from home and they always came through for me and made me feel safe.  I’m happy to report that I had a wonderful time in Venice and really enjoyed visiting this city.  I even enjoyed the hour and half boat ride (no bathrooms!) from the airport to San Marco Square where we rented an apartment for three days.

The next leg of the trip was a cruise into the Greek Isles and up to Dubrovnik, Croatia.  Greece was beautiful, of course, and we had a good time with nothing really to report.  I had been to Dubrovnik before and was looking forward to returning.  It is a beautiful walled city that has been used as the back drop for several films and, most notably, much of Game of Thrones.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

My wife and I decided to do the Game of Thrones tour since we’d seen the city center before and that was, besides a lot of stair climbing in the heat, a very interesting and fun tour.  If you ever get the chance to see Dubrovnik, definitely jump on it.  It’s a beautiful and interesting city.  Unfortunately, since the filming of Game of Thrones it has become a major tourist location and is quite busy when the cruise ships come in, but otherwise, it’s a great place to visit.  As we were leaving the city there was an interesting looking guy wearing gold standing in the square and I paused to take a picture of him.

gold man
The Man in Gold

As I walked away, he made a clucking sound very loudly with his mouth which I interpreted to mean that he was not happy that I took a picture without his permission or paying him.  I went back and put a coin in his box and turned to walk away and he made some other utterance that I interpreted to mean ‘come back here’, which I did with some hesitation.  I was worried he was going to say something negative about taking the picture, but instead he told me to hold out my hand where he placed a small golden token and said, “this is for good luck and fortune” and smiled at me as he closed my hand around the little token.  That little plastic token made my day and I now have it with my crystal collection in my sun room at home where I meditate and channel with Jacob.

Once back in Venice we scurried off to London for our return to the states.  We decided to stay there a few days since neither my wife nor I had ever been there before (or any part of England).  My big goal there was to visit Stonehenge.  I have been enthralled with it since I first learned of its existence back as a youth.  My wife really wanted to visit Windsor Castle, especially after the recent royal wedding held there between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  So, we booked a 12 hour bus tour that took us to Windsor, Bath and Stonehenge.  Windsor and Bath were both very nice, but Stonehenge, for me, was the highlight of my trip.  We got there at about 5pm and it was not crowded at all so it was very easy to see the stones.  My Guides had told me there was a special message from the Druids waiting for me there and I was eager to hear the message.  As I stood there taking it all in, the serenity and peace that is all around Stonehenge was palpable.


I had a vision of myself there long ago.  That this was a place that I once knew and that I belonged in.  I wanted to walk through the stones and touch them, but of course, that is not permitted.  I saw myself in a robe with others, standing amidst the stones.  I didn’t want to leave.  I didn’t really hear words, but I had this vision, so I suppose they wanted me to remember who I used to be and that I was a part of this history.   I am very drawn to Celtic tradition and I know I have a past life history there, and now I can add Stonehenge to that list as well.  Now that I think about it, I did faintly hear some whispers coming from the stones that said, “You belong.  Remember who you are.  You belong here.”  There was a message after all.  So faint that I could have missed it.  The funny thing about Stonehenge is that, even though there were probably fifty or sixty other people there with me, I remember it being silent and serene.  There were sheep nearby in a field but they were quietly grazing and standing fairly still.  It’s almost like time stopped for a moment while I was there.  But it didn’t.  I walked all around the structure and I know there were words spoken around me, but I couldn’t really hear them.

So I came home from my trip tired and happy to be back in the US but also grateful for a really amazing trip with my family and a couple of super experiences that made my soul soar higher.  Travelling is exhausting and anxiety producing, but so worth it in the end.  I’m glad to be home and back into my routine, yet changed a little from the experiences I had in distant lands.  I will try to remember who I am and I will try to remember that I belong.  And I wish that for you too.  We’re all ancient beings from distant lands and long ago forgotten times, but we carry that history with us into this lifetime and on to the next, building upon each life we’ve led.  You can heal the past and re-claim a place that once caused you pain and you can go back to a special place that once meant something to you and see yourself there again and re-live that memory.  Anything is possible.

Just remember that life is a journey and a grand adventure.  Get out of your comfort zone once in a while, no matter how scary it might be.  You might be surprised at how empowered and alive it will make you feel.

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