The Money Shift: Part 1

The Money ShiftThe Money Shift, by Slade Roberson, is an excellent little book that I have owned for a couple of years now and not read all of the way through.  I am prone to start books and not finish them, so it is not about the book as much as about me.  I always have four or five books partially read on my Kindle account and in hard copy on my coffee table at home.  I guess I just have an attention problem.  But, today, I took the time to read this little 29 page book that’s been collecting dust in my kindle account because I have, personally, been having problems manifesting money lately.  I own a small retail business, which is my main job, and lately our sales have been dismal and beyond flat.  I have talked to other retailers who are also experiencing flat sales and we all agree that the internet and Amazon in particular is the culprit to our woes.  However, knowing the source of the problem is only one part of the equation.  I have other income sources that have also been flat lately so I felt it was a good idea to re-evaluate my relationship with money.  Maybe it’s more truthful to say that I am evaluating my relationship with money for the first time, because, probably like many of you, I try not to think about money all that much and haven’t really built much of a relationship with it.  Money has been a struggle most of my life, despite my excellent higher education and experience level.  I just struggle to make much money.  My business is going on 18 years old now and it has been able to pay its own bills but not much else.  I would really like to see it be truly profitable and able to expand and grow, or if nothing else, be able to pay me a decent living wage.

So I cracked the book open and started reading.  And I actually did the exercises in the book like I was instructed to do.   I am a big fan of Slade and his techniques and have been studying with him one on one to develop my Intuitive Counseling techniques.  I have followed his blog for many years and now I am an avid listener to his podcast.  I will put links at the bottom of this post if any of you would like to delve into his writings as well.  I highly recommend it!!

The first thing the book asks you to do is think of your money as a person or a being and decide what kind of being it is.  Mine was a beautiful, sexy woman who was the kind of woman that most guys would really want to go out with but just knew that she was out of his league.  She would flirt with them and lead them on, but never actually go out with them.  And, if they were lucky enough to get a date, she would never commit to being a steady girlfriend with anyone because she always wanted to keep her options open for someone better.  She was stingy with her affection and demanding of her man.  He must constantly prove himself worthy of her affections and demonstrate daily that he is man enough for her.  This was my current Money Honey, what I call her.  Her name is Belinda.  Next, the book asked me to think about the kind of Money Honey I would actually like to be in a relationship with.  For me, my dream woman is wholesome and sweet, friendly, kind of flirty but completely loyal in a relationship.  She’s the kind of woman that values commitment and wants to be in a good marriage with someone who will cherish her as much as she adores him.  She loves unconditionally and expects the same.  She is supportive and caring and always there when you get home.  Her name is Deborah.  My real life wife is a little like this, but she’s also a savvy business woman who takes control and does not need a man to complete her and I adore her for it.  Anyway, back to the book.  I wrote a letter to Belinda, the mean girl, and broke up with her and invited the sweet girl-next-door, Deborah, to be my new Money Honey and she was thrilled to accept.  Of course, she was!!   In my fantasy world I get my way every time.

So I have a new relationship with money now.  Oh, I forgot to tell you that Deborah has unlimited financial wealth, doesn’t need or want to work and only wants to serve me and make me happy.  That sounds pretty wonderful, doesn’t it?  She wants to make all of my dreams come true and delights when I am happy and filled with joy over the abundance she can bring to my life.  She wants me to be free to create and build a meaningful and purposeful life to my heart’s content and, together, we will enjoy and bask in the fruits of my labor and the joys of my financial freedom.

This was the first step in the book.  What does your relationship to money look like?  What does your money honey look like?  What is his personality like?  How does he treat you?  Does it make you happy and provide nicely for you or does it make you beg and plead just to pay your phone bill?  Feel free to do this exercise and share your results with me.  I love to hear from you all.

I plan to share my experience of working through the chapters in the book here as I work through it.  It’s a 30 day program to transform your relationship with Money, so as I progress, I’ll post at the end of the 30 days to share my experience with you all.  I’m already about a week into it, so part 2, the follow up should be up in about 3 weeks.

As promised, here is the link to Slade Roberson’s website:  You can buy his book there, access his blog and podcast there as well as access tons of free stuff that he has to offer.  Enjoy!!

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