Channeled Message from Jacob: Mars-Earth Energy Surge


Your planet is now going through an alignment with other planets in your solar system.  At the same time, the rest of the Universe is seeking alignment with Earth as well and that is going quite well.  Many of you may be experiencing some interesting and possibly troubling side effects of this alignment, but you should not concern yourselves too much with it.  Remember to ground yourselves daily and drink plenty of cool, clear water to keep your energy levels fluid and flowing.  The alignment energy is part of the evolutionary process that your planet is going through at this time, which is also part of your own evolution and the ascension that many of you are aware of going on at this time.  This ascension and alignment process is affecting some with trouble sleeping, some with extra energy in their bodies, some with lower heart rates, some with excess hunger and many other possibilities.  This is part of your body getting used to the new vibration on your planet and of your energetic fields.  You are searching for ways to integrate your vibration with that of the planet and thus, the rest of the Universe, as your planet is rising to meet the vibrations around her.

Earth is a beautiful, feminine planet, as some of you call her Gaia.  She is full of love for her children and enjoys providing a home and nourishment to all of Earth. She wants everyone of her children to know that they are all of the Earth, the Sun and the Stars.  They are all made of the same material that made the Earth and therefore, you are all one being of the same stuff.  Even the elephants and lizards are of the Earth and are your sisters and brothers.  She wants you to know how important it is to honor and respect each other, especially in this time of energetic ascension.  Even the animals are feeling the changes that are happening.  They may be sleeping more or behaving more agitated than normal and this is ok.  Just make sure you give them what they are asking for.  They know what it is that they need at this time.

Mars, being closer to the Earth than it has been in a very long time is bringing higher levels of energy and this can even mean that some are more easily angered and agitated than normal.  The Martian energy can be very war-like and can bring heightened desires to fight than is normal.  All of Earth will experience this energy coming through in the next month or so, if it hasn’t already.  There could be more incidents of murders or acts of violence in general than is usual.  It will dissipate as Mars pulls further away in the coming months, but it is good to be aware of this possible influence.

Our suggestion is to use this energy in a positive and constructive manner.  Now is a great time to start a big project or tackle a big goal.  You will need less sleep and have more energy to get these larger items accomplished.  Also, if you find yourself becoming easily agitated or frustrated, take some time to refresh yourself and rest and let that energy flow out of you before you proceed.  Mars energy is very powerful and it is influencing the Earth very strongly right now.  You might find it interesting to study some astrological texts about the Martian energy and learn how to harness this extra powerful energy flow to do positive good in the world at this time.  Those who are still asleep will find it a frustrating and possibly even dangerous time, but for those of you reading this who are awake it can be a great time to get much accomplished that aligns you further with your truth and the truth that the Universe has aligned you with.

We urge you to delve in with all of your might and see what you can accomplish and what good you can create at this time.  Of all the planets, Mars offers the best energy to move forward and get much done.  This is a special time for you on Earth as well as the rest of us in the Universe.  We’re excited to see what you will come up with next!

It has been our pleasure and honor to speak with you today.

Jacob and The Ring Collective

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