Suffering is a Great Teacher

I channeled the following statement from Jacob today after talking to him about a tv show I’ve been watching lately called, “The Handmaid’s Tale”.  This show has affected me profoundly and I have become a little bit obsessed with it to the point that I am experiencing some mild depression from it.  I know this isn’t healthy but I also know that it will end soon once I’ve finished binging on the showHandmaids_Tale_Hulu_Character_Posters_-_6There is a lot of violence in the show but what gets me so worked up is the cruelty and inhumanity.  It depresses me to think that people can be so cruel, even though I know that they can.  History shows us that this is not a far fetched idea at all.  The idea of suffering came up for me three times today.  I pulled an oracle card this morning that talked about suffering as a teacher, I spoke to Jacob about the show and then I received an email from a teacher that I follow and he was talking about pain and how it serves us to teach us lessons.  The theme is clear here, folks.  Pain and suffering are part of life that we can’t avoid and are here to serve an important role in our lives if we let it.  I think the important thing is our attitude around it.


Here is what Jacob had to say about suffering:

So, as we discussed a moment ago, in your life, the suffering you have endured in this life has made you a stronger, wiser and more open person.  It has brought expansion to your life and helped you grow on a spiritual as well as personal level.  And this is an excellent thing.  Most people will expand when enduring suffering.  Or they will collapse and make an exit from life in some way.  You never truly gave exiting any energy or time and mainly focused on strengthening yourself and using the suffering as a springboard to growth.  This is excellent, and exactly what the suffering is meant to do.

You see, suffering is not some cruel joke that the divine plays on the physical realm.  Suffering is a tool of growth.  And suffering is relative.  People can suffer horrendous atrocities as a POW or as a slave or as an abductee by kidnapping.  Animals suffer particularly at the hands of cruel and thoughtless humans.  Others suffer when the store does not carry their brand of coffee or when they have to stand on their feet too long.  Suffering is all around you as a human.  It IS part of the human, or more accurately, the earthly existence that you must accept in order to live in your world.  Here, there is no sickness and no suffering.  But there, in the physical realm, suffering is constant and sometimes severe.  Most people suffer on a daily basis with pain, inconvenience, intolerance, ignorance, loss, lack, what have you.  It is pervasive in your world and no corner of your existence is immune from it.

The hope is that the suffering has a purpose; especially the severe suffering that you must endure.  Even light suffering, such as a headache, hopefully is teaching something.  Perhaps it is a sign that one needs to rest or not read their computer so much.  As such, it teaches a small lesson.  But severe suffering, like what you are witnessing in your tv program, can seem senseless and cruel.  Yet, as you watch the development of the characters in the show, you will witness them growing and expanding not just their understanding of what is going on and how to deal with it, but also their personal strengths and powers.  Even the weakest are gaining strength and adapting to their new lives in ways that they never would have been able if they had not been challenged so severely and personally.

So, it might be more productive to think of suffering as challenges and lessons.  Whenever you find yourself suffering, especially severely, look for how it will make you grow and expand your consciousness and raise your vibration so that you can rise above the situation that is causing suffering.  We are not saying that suffering is something to look forward to, but we are recommending that you consider it a gift of sorts.  How many people do you know who, once surviving cancer, say that the cancer taught them a lot and they are glad they went through the experience?  We think you will agree that this is a common sentiment if the person has truly embraced the suffering and sought to find meaning from it in their life.  Maybe it made them respect and appreciate the gifts that they already had in their lives.  Perhaps it taught them to slow down and savor every moment of this precious life they have been given.  It might be that they now know how much others love them when before they thought that they were alone and had no one to rely on.  The lessons learned are infinite and each survivor of suffering will have their own unique take on what it taught them and how it made them grow.

Look at your own life.  Think back to a time when things were very bad for you and you didn’t have much hope of it ever improving.  The situation was dire and you were suffering greatly because of it.  Now, I’m going to offer you a magic pill that you can swallow and you will forget all of that and it will erase the experience from your life.  It never happened and you will be the person you were before the suffering took place again.  Would you take the magic pill?  Knowing that you are now so much stronger, wiser and happier than you were before the suffering it would be foolish to take that pill, but some would.  We believe that most would not take it, though.  The magic that happens through suffering is that once you’re through it you realize that it really was a gift that allowed you to stretch, grow and expand in a way that you never could have in your normal, comfy world.  Think of men who have fought wars together and come out bonded for life and stronger than before.  Would they trade that experience to escape the suffering they endured?  Maybe.  But again, we think most would not.  Even the worst situation you can look at and see that something positive came from it.

This is part of the balance in life, the yin/yang, push-pull, positive-negative of life that is essential.  Living a human experience means that there will be suffering of some kind.  No human escapes it, no matter how much money they have or how beautiful they are on the outside.  Everyone suffers to a greater or lesser degree.  And we believe that those who suffer the most are the strongest and wisest of all, for you are only given challenges that you can handle.  The more advanced you are as a being the harder the tests become.  This is not because God doesn’t love you or that you are being punished.  Quite the contrary, it is because you can handle it and it will force you to expand and grow even more and become an even more powerful and strong force of light, love and truth in this world and in the Universe.  It is actually a gift to receive these strong lessons and also a testament to how powerful and strong you already are that the Universe sends them to you to learn from.

Our message to you is to not fear suffering, to not fear growth, but to embrace it and welcome it.  Meet it like you would any big challenge in your life that you are looking forward to.  Yes, it will be hard and it will make you question whether you can get through it, but you will and at the end you will be a bigger, better, stronger version of who you are today.  So embrace challenges that make you suffer.  Don’t play the “why me?” card and look for sympathy and pity from others.  They all have their own mountains to climb and really don’t want to participate in your pity party.  Give them a hand up the mountain and take theirs when needed and help others through their suffering and challenges and you will find that your load is a little lighter because of it.  If you get nothing more from this today than to realize that everyone is suffering and helping others also helps you, then we have done our job.  And don’t fear suffering, because that’s why you’re here.  The greater your ordeal, the stronger you are and will become.  Focus on that and make the most of the lessons with an open heart, eyes and mind.

This ends our transmission today.  It has been our pleasure and honor to speak with you today.  Thank you for reading and keep love, light and truth in your heart at all times.


The Ring Collective


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