The Money Shift: Part 2

About a month ago I shared a post about Slade Roberson’s book, The Money Shift, and promised to report back after I had worked through his system for attracting money and abundance.  The concept is pretty simple but it takes 30 days to work through.  Basically, once you identify and personify your “money honey” you pick 30 unhealthy beliefs about money and write them on individual index cards.  Every day you pick a card from the deck, read the negative belief, such as, “Money is evil”, cross it out and on the other side write a positive reason why this isn’t true, or some other positive belief about money to replace the negative one.  Then, the book instructs you to answer a few questions about this belief and ask Money some questions as well.

I kept a money journal while doing this program so that I could go back and track my progress.  I made several really illuminating discoveries about my relationship with money throughout the month.  First, Money was feeling like I didn’t respect her and, second, she was feeling neglected, like I didn’t care about her.  It’s true that I tend to ignore money most of the time.  It’s a defense mechanism for my fear of not having enough.  I guess my thinking is that if I ignore money (and bills) they will just take care of themselves and I won’t have to deal with it.  Wrong!  And, it’s also true that I wasn’t showing Money any respect.  Like I just said, I was ignoring her and, more importantly, I wasn’t spending the money that I did have wisely, so I was disrespectfully wasting money.  The other thing that I realized through this process is that Money really does want to come to me but I have to stop pushing her away by being disrespectful and ignoring her.  And, finally, perhaps the biggest point of all that came up for me was that money has been being extremely generous to me, vicariously, through my wife.

So these are my five big take-aways from this experience:

  1. I need to treat money with respect.
  2. I need to give money my attention.
  3. I need to stop pushing money away from me by being receptive and grateful for what she does give me.
  4. I already have a lot of abundance, but I need to be grateful for it and acknowledge it.
  5. You can’t hold onto money.  It needs to flow in and out of your life.

Being grateful, even if you feel like you aren’t getting as much money as you want or need is a big deal.  The more grateful you are the more you attract that which you desire.  At some point I felt kind of foolish because I realized that I already had TONS of abundance in my life and asking for more seemed greedy.  The problem for me is that my abundance primarily comes through my wife, who has no issues with attracting financial abundance at all and shares it with me and others happily.  Once I acknowledged that and felt gratitude for it I was able to get down to why I was blocking financial abundance for myself.

A lot of that has to do with old belief systems from my youth and my mother.  She had some very negative ideas about money which she passed on to me.  Since I was navigating my finances from a stance of lack, I had a tendency to want to hold onto money and not let it go when I needed to pay a bill or debt.  I liked seeing the money in the bank but hated seeing it go out.  I admit, I still struggle with this.  But money has taught me that it needs to be able to flow in and out and the more freedom I give it the more freely it will come to me.  So I’m trying to have faith that it will keep flowing in after I pay my bills, ebb and flow naturally like the tide.

All in all, I learned a lot about how I view money and how it interacts with me.  I still struggle to have faith in its ability to keep coming into my life, but I’m better now than I was a month ago.  I don’t get as stressed out about money, and even when I feel like I don’t have enough, I have faith that it will flow back in and take care of me.

How do you feel about money?  Do you have some negative patterns that you’d like to change?  Try The Money Shift for 30 days and see if things improve for you.

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