Huge Expansion Coming Soon

Transmission from Jacob:

Many of you are probably aware that many of your planets have been in retrograde as well as very close in proximity to your Earth and each other over the past month or two and this will continue for a little while longer for some of the planets.  We spoke about this last time but we want to give an update on a new facet of this phenomenon that many of you may have noticed.  Since the energy on Earth has felt “stuck” and “stagnant” lately, it has been difficult for many of you to feel like you can be productive and move forward with your life projects.  We suggest that you take this time to learn new things.  This energy is perfect for staying put and focusing on learning and education that you can soon implement and use in action once the energy loosens up.  Now is a time of sowing your knowledge banks so that when the energy opens up you will find yourself beaming with new knowledge and wisdom like never before.  You can always choose to see this energy as negative and use it as an excuse to stay in bed and do nothing or you can harness the potency of all of the planets that are in alignment and use it to grow and plant seeds for you to harvest in the fall months that are ahead.  Now is the time to enjoy the end of the summer and get your last visits to the beach or whatever summer activity you enjoy and not fret that you can not seem to move forward or communications seem to be stalled out.  They are stalled at the moment and you can not change that.  You can accept it and work with it or you can struggle and fret about it.  We recommend accepting it and allowing it to be without judgement.  If you experience something that you deem as negative or bad, we suggest looking at this as an opportunity to clear the negative energy and transmute it into some positive change for yourself or your world.

As the energy opens up in the coming weeks you will find that you feel lighter and energy flows freer than it has in a while, but this retrograde energy is powerful and should be harnessed now so that you are bursting with new energy when this occurs.  You are all light beings and energy fields.  Fill yourself with light and use the planetary energy to grow and expand what you know and what you can offer to your fellow souls.  We know that you want to move forward and you feel stuck.  Just allow yourselves to be stuck for the moment and take this time to learn and rest and reset yourselves.

The explosion of energy on your planet and through the Universe when the energy shifts will be amazing for us to observe and we are looking forward to it.  So many of you are using this time to grow, even though you may be feeling like you are stuck.  You are not.  You are gathering information and energy and when this is released the energy on your planet will be massive and explosive.  Earth herself is going through a similar experience right now.  She is pulling in her energy and focusing it for the coming weeks of expansion.  A huge expansion of consciousness is about to take place on your planet and within your realm.  Prepare yourselves well for this expansion and be ready because it will be awesome and amazing and good for all.

It has been our pleasure and honor to send this message through Shawn today and we wish all of you well as you go forward into your expansions.

Jacob – The Ring Collective

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