Your Angels Are Waiting

I’ve spoken of the angels before. I rely on them quite a bit when life gets overwhelming. On normal days, I tend to talk to my Guides and let them help me figure out my life issues, but when the going gets rough and I’m sick or scared, it’s the Angels that I call out to. I used to ask for a specific Archangel, like Michael or Raphael, but now, most of the time, I just address them as Angels and trust that whatever Angels I need will come and help me with my problem. Occasionally I still ask for Michael of Raphael in particular but I also ask my Guardian Angel to be present as well.

The past few days my household has been sick with some form of a stomach bug. My wife, me and even the dog have been suffering with this nasty ailment. A couple of nights ago my stomach felt like I had hot lava in it, it burned and ached so badly. I was in a lot of pain. I prayed to my Angels to please make my belly feel better. I said it as if they had already healed me. I said, Angels, thank you so much for healing my stomach and making it feel better again. Why I hadn’t thought to do this earlier is beside me. Almost immediately I started to get some relief and I felt like things were shifting. I continued to thank them for healing me off and on through the night and in the morning my belly felt mostly better. I also prayed on behalf of my dog and wife and their issues started to improve as well.

Some might say this is a miracle. Some might call it hogwash and coincidence. I guess it could be either, but I choose to believe it was the Angels, my Angels, doing what they are here to do. Angels are with us every minute of the day from birth to death. They are always watching over us and waiting for us to ask for their help. All we need to do is ask and they are there to help us. But they need us to ask for help. In severe situations they can come in and help us without permission, but under most circumstances they need us to ask for their help. It is best if you have a chat with them ahead of time and tell them that you welcome their help and assistance in your life. Then when you need them, always thank them profusely for the help they always give you and the fact that they are always looking after you before you ask for help. As you ask for help, phrase it like they’ve already given the help you need. Angels work in the present moment and do not function outside of the NOW, so if you ask for their help in the future it is not as effective. It can still be helpful and it might even work just fine, but if you are seeking immediate help in some way, state the request as if it has already happened. Say something like, “thank you angels for finding me the perfect parking spot in front of the store I’m going to.” Low and behold, when you get to the store there will be a perfect parking spot waiting for you. Try it some time and see if it doesn’t work for you too.

Our Angels LOVE it when we call on them for help. We are NOT bothering them. They are here to serve and protect us and love us unconditionally, no matter how crappy a person others might think we are. There are all kinds of Angels available to help us. It’s not really that important to know which one you need, but it is helpful. Of course, there are the Archangels and there are your personal Guardian Angels, but there are also multitudes of angels who have specialties that can help with any number of problems you might have. Maybe your computer is not working properly. You could pray to the angels to send an angel to you that has expertise with computer problems to help you get your computer working again. Or your car won’t start. Try asking for an angel with mechanical skills to aid you. There are souls who have crossed over that choose to stay around and offer their services and expertise to help those who are still living. Call on them for help when you need it.

Angels are amazing gifts that we have at our disposal who love us beyond anything we can imagine. They are pure Universal life energy, pure Love from Source and are waiting to help us when we ask. Give Angels a try. What do you have to lose. The more you believe in them the better but it’s not even necessary, because whether we believe or not, they are here and ready to assist us in every way imaginable. As for me, my stomach is much better now and I give the Angels a lot of credit for that.

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