Follow Your Joy

Channeled conversation with Jacob, The Ring Collective:

This message is for all, though it is born from observing Shawn in his daily life and pursuit of knowledge, enlightenment and higher attunement.

What we have observed is that you work and work and work on this subject and that subject and sometimes you find yourself whirling about in a mad vortex that leaves you dizzy, exhausted and disoriented. Your thirst for knowledge is so vast and so voracious that it takes you into many different rooms full of volumes of information. After a while your mind can’t take anymore and you need a rest for a while. The information is important but awfully heavy and thick to understand and assimilate, so you find yourself needing to take a rest period, not for your body, but for your mind. You find yourself losing focus and feeling disoriented so that you don’t know what you should be doing. The fear that you’re not doing enough or the wrong things is pervasive and overwhelming. It distracts you from your original purpose in learning new things, which is to grow and evolve.

So what do you do when you get yourself worked up like this?

Take a break. Rest, play, do something else.

It’s true that you’re all here to grow and evolve. But you’re also here to play and follow your joy in ways that you can not do in the spiritual realm. The experiences that you have the ability to enjoy in physical form are unique to this manifestation of reality and are meant to be pursued as equally as learning and expanding. Both are of equal importance and neither should be ignored. When you focus for too long on one aspect and ignore the other you will find yourself feeling stressed and exhausted. Even if you spend too much time playing and doing the things you enjoy, you will find that after a while you feel a strong desire to take a break from that. As we’ve said before, balance is key in your lives. When out of balance, life force does not flow as easily or as fully and you risk becoming blocked and stuck in a pattern that will not allow the flow to continue.

Writers often speak of “writer’s block”. This is an example of being so hyper focused on deadlines and the need to produce work that the flow of energy gets blocked and stops flowing. All of that wonderful information that had been so easily flowing into your mind and out your hands as you write has now, seemingly, disappeared and left you feeling frustrated and stressed. This same thing can happen in any area of your life that you focus on too intensely for too long. The remedy is to take a break and do something entirely different. Though it might feel to you like you are wasting time by going to take a walk or play with your kids in the park, this is exactly what you need to do and will reap you the gift of energy flowing again. Sometimes what you need most is sleep, so go sleep. If you need food, then eat. Listen to your body and follow its clues. But also listen to the nagging of your little inner voice that says it wants to do something frivolous, and go do that frivolous thing. Take a moment away from your work, take a few deep breaths and take inventory of how you are feeling and what is calling to you to do or not do. Your inner wisdom is wiser than you know and you would do well to listen to it as much as possible.

Part of Creator’s grand plan in creating the human species included this inner compass system, what you call your inner voice. It’s here to help you and guide you. All you need to do is quiet yourself for a moment and tap into it so it can communicate to you. Much as you do when you’re hungry and don’t know what you want to eat, sit for a moment and let it tell you what you need. It will not guide you away from your true north.

So we say to Shawn and to all of you, follow your inner compass when you feel off course and a bit lost. Sit and listen and you will hear/feel its instructions. And remember that living a fulfilling and happy life is about balance. There is a time for everything under the sun. Time to laugh, time to work, time to sleep, time to love, time to pray/meditate, time to play. Everything you are doing is enough already. Just by living your life you are fulfilling your mission, so there is no need to stress over not doing enough. Stop comparing yourselves to others and only focus on what it is that truly brings you joy and do that one thing at a time. Stay in the NOW because that is the only moment you have and it is where the magic happens.

And most importantly, as we tell Shawn as often as we can…


It has been our pleasure and honor to speak to you today and share this message.

Jacob, The Ring Collective

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