Sacred Contracts and Astrology

myssYears ago I read Caroline Myss’s book, Sacred Contracts and worked through picking out my archetypes and created my Chart of Origin, as she calls it.  And then it just became another book on my book shelf and I swiftly forgot about it.  If you’re not familiar with the book, the premise is that before we incarnate into this world we agree to contracts with the people that we will know and interact with here to help each other grow and learn and to play certain roles for each other.  It’s an interesting premise and one that I have no problem buying into.  I don’t take it as far as Caroline does.  She feels that every interaction we have here is part of a contract.  I don’t know that I agree with that, but who knows for sure, so maybe she’s right.  Either way, it’s a fascinating idea and one worth working through.  The other part of the book is about archetypes and the roles they play in our lives.  Everyone has 12 archetypes total playing out in their lives from birth to death.  Everybody shares the four basic archetypes of Victim, Prostitute, Saboteur and Child.  After that, the remaining 8 archetypes are chosen from a long list that Myss provides in her book.  She teaches you to put the archetypes into their proper order, numbered 1-12, which she then goes on to correlate to the 12 houses of the astrological wheel.

This book has been coming up for me a lot lately in things I’ve read and podcasts I follow, so I thought it would be a good time to dust it off and reacquaint myself with my own Sacred Contracts.   This summer I’ve been studying astrology to gain a deeper understanding of it and I was really intrigued on a deeper level when I realized that Myss uses the houses of the zodiac for placement, and deeper meaning, of her archetypes.  Once I had my archetype chart I began over-laying it on top of my astrological natal chart.  What I found was really fascinating.  Suddenly, it was like both charts melded and came to life for me in a way they didn’t do individually.  For instance, my natal chart is very much a seesaw, with two clusters opposite each other on the wheel, so I have a lot of houses with nothing happening in them.  My first house is Aries and there are no planets at all there.  It is my rising sign which is significant, but other than that it doesn’t provide much information about my ego and personal self, which is what the first house represents.  When I over-lay my 1st archetype of the wounded healer in there, suddenly my personality and ego make a lot more sense and gain depth that just Aries and his ruling planet, Mars don’t bring to the picture.


I am in the process of working through all 12 houses, combining the astrology with the archetypes.  It’s an interesting, yet mentally taxing process and I can only do a little at a time.  I feel, though, that once I’m done, I will have a much richer and deeper picture of not only my own psyche, but the roles that other people and situations play in my life as well as a better grasp on how to handle them.  The whole purpose of exercises like these is to find a working system that helps make life smoother and more enjoyable as well as help us work through our life lessons more gracefully and with less turmoil.  Like advanced astrology, Myss also teaches us how to use our chart to aid in decision making and life concerns that we are dealing with today.  Personally, I am always looking for fun tools to use, first on myself, and later with clients to help them understand themselves better and function better in this world.  I think this is a tool that can certainly be useful to many people.  If nothing else, it’s fun to play with, much like astrology or any other spiritual tool.  Living in this world is often difficult and full of challenges for us spiritual beings.  Knowledge is power and know yourself is to love yourself, so anything that promotes personal knowledge is helpful.

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