Oracle Reading: 9/19/2018

Today I asked my angels to choose an oracle card that would help, not only me, but anyone who reads this post today or in the future.  They chose to speak to me through the Keepers of The Light deck by Kyle Gray, which is one of my favorite oracle decks.  The card they chose for us today is Holy Amethyst.  holy amethysAccording to Kyle, she is the twin flame of Archangel Zadkiel, the angel who helps us transmute negative energy into love and light.  He helps us release anything that is no longer serving us.  Holy Amethyst calls us to ‘look over our past fears and challenges and draw wisdom and learning from them’.  She is here to let us know that we are ‘ready to move beyond energies or situations that are no longer helpful to us and to make space in our lives for something more purposeful’.  Now would be a good time to start purging from our lives old and stagnant energy (which can be people, places, things, feelings, fears, etc.) so that we can move beyond the old challenges and make room in our lives for life-enhancing and fulfilling purposeful experiences to come in.  Holy Amethyst asks us to focus on what we desire and not on what we fear, because what we give our energy to will ‘literally begin to flourish’.

I was called to blog this week in this way.  I never question these intuitive impulses that come through me and just go and do what they tell me.  I’ve never done an oracle reading on my blog before so this feels kind of fresh and exciting to me.  I’d be interested in what others think of it.  When I asked the angels for the card I made a point of intending that this oracle card to speak to anyone at any time now or in the future, so if you are seeing this post in the future, assume that it is relevant to you in your present life.  I am considering adding an oracle card reading every week in addition to my regular blog post.  Personally, I love the card decks and find the wisdom in them to be uncanny.  Even when I pull one that makes me initially feel maybe I didn’t pull the right one, if I stay with it long enough the card’s message comes out to me and I see why I pulled it that day.  The other thing I do once I pull the card is put my hands over it and allow my spirit to go into the card and I ask it if it has a deeper meaning for me or an extended message.  Especially with these Keeper of the Light cards, which are all ascended masters, I find that the master will actually come alive and speak to me in a really significant way which I find to be absolutely wonderful.

This card in particular, which is also the card used for the cover of the deck, is probably my favorite card as far as aesthetics.  I’m incredibly attracted to it and love looking at it.  I’m a Pisces and Amethyst is my birthstone and I own a lot of amethyst crystals, so I am naturally drawn to Holy Amethyst.  Her message is so appropriate for me on a personal level.  I have been in purge mode now for several months and I don’t see that ending any time soon.  But on a deeper level, I am really soul searching about what to do professionally in the next chapter of my life.  What I have been doing for the past 30 years does not bring me much joy anymore, feels heavy and like it’s dragging me down, yet I know that it is important work in its own way.  I have been feeling called stronger and stronger in the last year or two to open up time and energy in my life to go deeper into my spiritual work and take it to a professional level.  I want to do this so much.  I want to just let go of my old career and jump off the cliff into the spiritual abyss and see if I really can fly on my own.  This card is one of many that is telling me to go for it.  I am listening, believe me.  I get this message over and over again from the cards, my Guides and the Angels.  Have Faith and unburden myself from the chains of my past.  Move forward and don’t look back.

What does Holy Amethyst call you to do today?  Does she speak to you in any particular way?  Share in the comments if you feel compelled to do so.  Either way, as you go about your day and your week, think about what you can let go of that no longer fits into your life and feel your spirit lighten as you release whatever it is.

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