Channeled Message from Jacob: 9/21/18

Channeled message from Jacob and The Ring Collective:
Many of you have felt the energetic vibrations shifting in the world around you in the last couple of weeks.  The Earth is in its process of changing seasons once again and the planets have been surrounding Earth closer than usual with their energetic pulls and a lot of that has started to lessen and has released the tension and stress that many of you felt over the past few months.  As the Earth continues her transition into the new season and everything either starts to cool down or heat up, depending on which hemisphere you preside, you will likely find that you too are either cooling down or heating up energetically to match Earth’s vibrations.  This may not be a literal cooling or heating, but it may be a symbolic heating or cooling, such as if there has been a lot of conflict around you lately, you might find that people are cooling  their tempers and being more patient.  Or if it has been slow and not much happening lately, perhaps you will experience opportunities opening up and creating more heated activity than before.  The planetary influences are lessening and returning to their more stable and less impactful routes along their trajectories which will also allow more energy to flow forward instead of stagnating and halting or even going backwards.

We want you all to know that the vibration of the Earth is continuing to raise as all of you are working diligently to raise your own vibrations.  This is excellent for all of mankind and the world in general.  You should be aware that at this time in the evolution of both the planet and the human race, there is an awakening on a grand scale going on and what you are experiencing with so much darkness seemingly taking over your world is a purification process of sorts.  The darkness is rising to the surface so that it can be seen, cleansed and transformed.  Those who are not awake at this point will soon wake up and see the truth of what has been going on for so long.  There is only one direction that life can flow and that is forward.  If your society does not move forward it can not survive, so these souls who are afraid of change to the degree that they would have you go back to living like your great grandparents are misinformed and living out of fear.  They are afraid, pure and simple.  Fear is motivating them to over control and hold onto old and worn out concepts that no longer work.  But this can not last, because, as we said, society must move forward, which means, on a spiritual level, acknowledging that your are not different from each other at all, but of one love and one Source no matter what continent, religion or race you appear to belong to.  You are all from Source and you came here to evolve and grow and learn and teach and love.   The majority of people already know this and those who don’t will soon wake up to it.  What you can do now is to not fear change, not fear the darkness, but acknowledge it as part of a growth pattern that is occurring at this time and allow the darkness to rise up and diffuse.  Continue to love others and help each other as much as you can.  Connect with other people and remind each other that you are from the love of Source and let that be your guide in life.  We are not suggesting that you passively let the darkness run amok in your lives and society.  If you can help to heal the darkness, by all means do it.  If you can educate, then educate.  If you can heal, then heal.  Do what you are called to do with love and integrity and compassion for each other.  The more you do this the faster the planet and society will heal.  Do what you do to your highest and most pure capabilities and bless it with the love that is in your hearts.

This ends our message today.
It has been our pleasure and privilege to speak to you today.
Jacob, The Ring Collective
Channeled through Shawn Locke

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