Rock Your Life

I saw this quote on Pinterest the other day and really loved it and felt compelled to share it far and wide.  I had not heard of Scott Stabile before so I checked out his website.  He seems like a kindred spirit in that our messages and purpose in doing what we do seem to be in alignment and that’s a really cool thing.  I will definitely be digging deeper into his work.

Back to the quote though…

It rang a bell inside me for a few reasons.  First, living authentically and standing in my truth is an on-going, and possibly never ending, struggle for me in both my personal and professional life.  Second, this subject has come up a couple of times this week.  I was attending a PFLAG meeting one evening and folks were discussing fears around coming out at work.  PFLAG is a support group primarily for family and friends of members of the LGBTQIA+ community, so “coming out” is a big topic for them and also a huge part of living a truthful and authentic life.  Most people who are members of this group will experience anxiety and fear around disclosing their sexuality or gender to new people and especially employers at some time in their lives.  And then this subject came up again on a Facebook group that I’m a part of for Intuitives and Spiritual Healers.  Some people feel like they need to hide their spiritual sides from family or co-workers/bosses because they’re afraid that they will be seen as crazy or something.  I’m not sure really what we’re afraid people will think of us, but I can attest to the fact that when I have shared my interest in talking to my spirit guides or channeling 9th dimension soul groups to people who are not aware of these things I have been met with looks of disbelief and shock as well as comments that I might need to see a psychiatrist because I’m hearing voices in my head.  Well, I do hear voices sometimes, which I might talk about one day here, but mostly I hear snippets of ideas or thoughts, words when I invite them to talk to me.  I have control of the voices and am very much aware of them and where they are coming from so I in no way feel like I’m crazy in that way.

So, my feeling is that it doesn’t really matter what it is that we hold onto tightly and try to protect about ourselves, most of us feel like others just wouldn’t love us or even like us the same way if they knew about these things.  I’ve known people that hid their ethnicity or their religion because they feared backlash from others.  Certainly, coming out as Gay or Lesbian is a typical kind of thing to hear about, but we can come out about all kinds of things that somehow we’ve built up in our heads as not socially acceptable.  This quote is extremely empowering to anyone who is hiding some part of themselves that they think someone will judge them for.  I’ve even heard of people who want to be artists and are afraid their family will be horrified if they found out.  Really?  How horrible that you have a talent such as art and want to share it with the world (inject sarcasm here please!).

I won’t lie.  Coming out is scary and even terrifying at times, especially the first few times you do it.  I really love the attitude in this quote though.  It basically says, to just do you and let them hate on you as much as they please, but keep light and love in your heart no matter what and keep shining your light.  I say SHINE THAT LIGHT AS BRIGHT AS POSSIBLE!!!  Flood everything and everyone you meet with your light.  They will love your light so much that they can’t possibly not love you too.  Be you.  Don’t apologize to anyone for who and what you are.  Be proud, stand tall and own your self with all of its little quirks and blemishes and freckles.  You might not realize this, but that stuff, the quirks, blemishes and freckles, are what make you special and perfect and brilliant and more often than not is the reason that people love you.  Own it and stop worrying about what other people will think.  What you think of yourself is way more important anyway.

Now go out and Rock Your World with your own personal brand of wild and crazy.  How else will the other cool people find you if you hide all that special goodness from the world?  Be yourself and you will attract others like you and then you won’t feel so alone and isolated, like the only one in the world who is like you.  You’ll see there are others.  There are always others.  And they’re scared too.  Be the beacon to call your people home to you and don’t worry about all the people who might not appreciate you.  They have their own people already who don’t rock anyone’s boat.  Rock the boat Light Warriors!!  ROCK THAT BOAT!!!

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