Oracle Card Reading: October 1, 2018

Every Monday I do an Oracle Card Reading for the week and post it here. I use different decks depending on which one calls to speak thru me. I let my Guides pick the deck and the card with no particular question in mind. I only ask that it be helpful for what is going on energetically in the world at the moment. I ask for one card to speak to us. Occasionally, a second card will pop out of the deck and I save that as a secondary card in the reading. If more than one card pops out while shuffling I put them all back in the deck.

All oracle readings are current for the day that you read them. I am the only one that they are only current for this particular day. It is my intention, and therefore the meaning of this reading, that whenever someone comes across this card reading that it be relevant to them in that moment in time.

Today’s reading is from the Aquarian Tarot deck (Rider-Waite style tarot deck)

Main card: Eight of Pentacles

You are in the middle of a big project that you are nearing completion and have secluded yourself from the rest of your life to focus entirely on this project. This may be the creation of something new and exciting to share with the world or inner work that you have been focusing on. Either way, you are seeking perfection in your project and pouring heart and soul into its creation.

Secondary card: Justice

Decisions at this time should be balanced between Intuition and Critical Thinking. Right and Wrong should be viewed with impartiality or bias. There are consequences for every action and Justice comes to remind us of this.

My personal reading of these cards in my life:

The Eight of Pentacles speaks to me of my pursuit for enlightenment and connection with my higher self, Guides and Angels to evolve as a soul. I have done a lot of work in this area but there is still more to be done. I often feel that I need to seclude myself from the rest of the world to do my inner work and I am definitely seeking perfection in this lifetime. I am eager to heal and finish work from past lives so that I may move forward in my next lives into new ventures with a cleaner slate and lighter load than I came into this one with.

The Justice card reminds me to balance my judgement of the work I’ve been doing both creatively and in the physical world and remember that the point of living is to be with others as well as take the time to go off on my own and do my internal work. Too much of either type of work is unhealthy and there must be a balance or there will be consequences. It also reminds me to not judge myself too harshly for imperfections and accept that all will be well even without perfection.

What do these cards bring up for you? Share in the comments if you feel drawn to do so.



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