Channeled Message from Jacob: October 4, 2018

It is wonderful to speak with you today.

We wish to talk about the abundance of darkness in the world that you are witnessing now.  This is a topic we have spoken of before with you and Shawn, but as the awareness rises along with the amount of darkness that is coming to the surface, we feel it necessary to keep reminding all of you what the reason is for this happening NOW.  The proverbial pot is starting to really boil now so as the boiling continues the darkness that has been hidden in the world, just under the surface, will continue to bubble up to the top and be exposed.  Much of this will shock you.  Much of it will scare you.  Old perceptions of people, institutions, and even ideas are now being cracked open to expose the lies and falsehoods that people have believed with certainty for a long time.  Whenever there is evolution or a REvolution this is par for the course.  In order to evolve and grow, ascend if you will, there must be a tearing down and breaking apart of the old paradigm.  The old belief system and hierarchy must be destroyed and rebuilt.  You are seeing now the beginning of the tearing down process.  The Old Guard who are part of the past will be angry and fight back.  They will try to scare you into retreating and reaffirming their rightness and your wrongness.  Be strong in your convictions to uphold the light and bring it into the world to shine a new and loving light on the planet.  Gaia is ready for you to stand beside her and cast out the old and bring in the new.  She has been tortured and maimed and abused for far too long.  Like the women of your planet, like the animals, the poor, the weak, for far too long the strong MEN of the world have ruled in their favor, to protect THEIR rights, to subjugate those they wish to have power over, Gaia is rising up and gaining strength to wash herself clean of this threat to her own life and she invites all of you, men included who are awake, to rise up with her and take back your rights, find your voices and flex your mental muscles to help cleanse the planet of this darkness. Slavery, rape, fear, torture, death, mutalation, manipulation, and lies. These are the weapons of your oppressors. Band together now and find others to spread your light and truth in the world. Open your hearts with love and bond your energies together with each other and Gaia to cleanse the planet of the insidious greed and intolerance and hate that has infested this land for so many millennia. Darkness does not survive in the Light. It can not. You will never rid the world of all darkness, but there must be balance towards an abundance of light to the dark.

In practicality, you might ask, what can you do? You feel so small and insignificant and powerless. Let us assure you that you are none of those things. You are a magnificent glowing soul who is powerful beyond your knowing when you direct your energy to what is true, loving and enlightening. You will continue to feel small and powerless as long as you stay under the thumb of the darkness and let them convince you that you have no worth. What can you do? Spread love and kindness every where! Be a beacon of light for everyone to see. Develop strong boundaries that keep the dark out by being so resolute in your knowing of what is right and good and not letting anything or anyone veer you from that focus. Focus on making life better for others. Be grateful for what you do have even if it isn’t much. Pray. Yes, pray. Pray to your angels, to God, your higher self for wisdom, for light, for knowledge, for direction, for strength. Band with others who share your mission and work together. Lay down your swords against each other and work with your sisters and brothers of the light and become a force of your own and spread the truth. Don’t allow yourselves to get sucked into all of the tiny details of who said or did what. That is a tactic of the dark to keep you confused and frustrated. Believe in yourself and the good in the Universe. There are more good people in the world than bad. You must believe this and hold it as true in your heart, for it will help you stay strong. Above all things, lead your lives with love and compassion for each other.

This war is starting to get real for many of you. It will become harder and harder to hide and ignore it. This is good. Everyone will have to pick a side. Pick the side of light and love and fight with all of your might. And don’t give up on the ones who at first pick the darkness. This is what they know and are comfortable with at the moment. But as the darkness gets uglier and uglier they will start to see the truth too and wake up to what is right and just. Most of those people who are aligned in darkness at this moment are not bad people. They are asleep. They are operating out of old patterns and old belief systems that will no longer work. It will frustrate them beyond words when they realize that the world has changed and they have not changed with it. They will be angry and lash out and you might have to leave them in their anger until it subsides. This is ok. Let them work it out on their own, because they will. Good people can not stay aligned with the dark for long once they have woken up to the truth. Many of them think they know the truth and that you are the one who is asleep. Again, this is a tactic of the dark to confuse you. Ignore it. You know the truth and they can not dissuade you from living with light and love no matter what they do. Put a strong fence around your hearts and protect yourselves if you have to. The light will prevail for without light there is no life at all.

It has been our pleasure and honor to share this message with you today!

Jacob, The Ring Collective

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