Oracle Monday: October 22, 2018

This week’s oracle card comes from Colette Baron-Reid’s The Good Tarot deck.

Each Monday I ask my Angels and Guides to pick a card from a deck of their choice to use as a focus point for the week or a message that we all need to hear at the time that we see this posting. So if you read this in the future, the reading is accurate at that time as well, as long as it is the first time you are seeing it.

Today’s card is: 4 of Air

4 of Air: Healing, meditation, rest, recuperation. “It’s time to rest my mind and allow peace to take the place of busyness or boredom. If I allow my mind to rest, I will have greater clarity. I will have greater clarity and my mind will be sharper. This is the time for a break. I need to take care of myself.”

For me, personally, this is yet another reminder from my Guides to get extra sleep. I have trouble getting more than 6 or 7 hours sleep at night and if I do that long enough I get mentally foggy and start to feel unmotivated. When I do get enough rest I am able to accomplish more with a better outlook, so it is really important to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night. Also I tend to worry a lot and when I’m well rested I am better able to take care of things like I need and have less reason to worry.

What is this card suggesting for you? Are you stressed out and need a break? Are you worrying all the time yet not energized to change or fix what is worrying you? Feel free to share in the comments if you so desire.

Until next Monday, have a restful and peaceful week.

Love and Light, Shawn

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