Archangel Metatron ~ Keep Working For The Light

merkabaThis is Archangel Metatron, who many of you will know.  All of you who are teaching and writing about raising your vibration and living more and more in the light are the Light Warriors that we rely on on Earth to be the messengers for Creator.  Keep doing the good work that you are here to do and continue to smile every day knowing that your job is important and necessary.  Whoever you are channeling, whether your higher self or a star community, matters not as long as the positive messages and information is getting spread as far and wide as possible.  Many of you know that it doesn’t end with just writing the messages as it is so important to also be living in the light personally.  Now is the time to align your lives with the Light and be a beacon of hope, generosity and love for all you come into contact with.  If you are in constant conflict in your life and the shadow aspects of yourself have not been dealt with and reconciled it will be harder for you to really see what is coming thru from the higher dimensions and may taint your transmissions with your own biased opinions.

Breathe in the Light every day and remember to cleanse (call on me to assist in this if you so desire) and shield as you go about your work.  As the Light gains more and more power the darker energies will attempt to sway you with stronger and more convincing false evidence or even try to scare you.  Have faith in the Light as it is the way forward and upward at this time.  Darkness will only take you backwards which is impossible.  It might try to convince you that things were better in the past and you need to go back to the old ways of doing things and forget about all of this Light work.  Hold strong and confident in your purpose as a Light Warrior and scribe of God/Source/Creator.

There are far more of you than you know doing this work.  Perhaps you have noticed an abundance of people writing and speaking about the things you write and speak about.  Take that as a sign that the Warriors of the Light are growing in number and more people are awake now than ever before.  Keep doing your writing, channeling and teaching!  Don’t fall into the false belief that because there are so many others doing this work now that it isn’t that important if you are doing it too.  It is vitally important that you keep going.  Keep flooding the world with Light in every way that you know how.  This is helping Gaia as well as yourself and the rest of mankind.  She needs your energy and appreciates what you are doing as well.

So, stay strong and dedicated to raising your vibration and those around you.  The more open and awake you can help someone to become the better for all of the world and the rest of the Universe.  What is happening on Earth at this time is vitally important to the rest of the Universe as well, so keep getting as much information as you can from your galactic teachers and guides.  You chose to come here at this time to do this work for this purpose.  Have faith that your work is important and that you should continue it as long as you can.

You are loved beyond any measure you can imagine and we are all grateful for the work you are doing and wish to see it continue.  No matter what else happens keep doing your good work for the Light as much as possible.

~ Archangel Metatron


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