Oracle Monday: November 5, 2018

Each Monday I ask my Guides and Angels to pick an oracle card that is relevant for myself and to share with my readers. The reading is valid today and into the future whenever it is first discovered. If you are reading this in the future, know that it is a message that you are needing to see at this moment.


Today’s reading is from the “Keepers of the Light” deck by Kyle Gray.

The card the Guides chose for us is Lady Venus:

Deeper understanding from Kyle: “Lady Venus is the twin flame of Sanat Kumara and resides on the astral realm surrounding the planet Venus. The Venusian light beings are now coming to light workers on Earth to help them with their connections, understanding and capacity to share divine love. Lady Venus is a a wonderful keeper of the light to call on when you are trying to forge a connection with the heavens or finding it difficult to understand the signs, symbols and guidance that are being sent to you physically or through meditation. She also allows us to connect with or focus on particular energies so we can understand them more. If you are studying a spiritual subject at this time, call on Lady Venus to help you.”

What a beautiful card to come to us today. If you are here reading this then you are definitely studying and interested in spirituality. I did a short meditation with this card to connect on a deeper level with Lady Venus for my own personal use. She spoke to me of the absolute freedom I will feel when I disconnect from the ties that are binding me and allow my professional spiritual practice to really bloom and grow. She gave me a beautiful image of how my practice will look that is both inspiring and comforting.

What message does Lady Venus have for you today? Take a moment to connect to her energy and see if there is a personal message she has to share with you. Share in the comments section if you are so inspired.

With gratitude,


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