Oracle Monday: November 12, 2018

It’s Monday, so it’s time for our weekly oracle reading.  I don’t know about you but my weekend was a mixed bag of Saturday being busy and tiring and Sunday feeling lazy and sleepy, even though I did get a few things done.  Yesterday was 11-11-18.  I know there is significance there, but I will leave that to the people who work with numbers to define.  I did treat myself to a full Celtic cross reading for clarification on a future business move that I am contemplating and had a beautiful reading that brought a lot of clarity along with reinforcement of past messages that I’ve received lately.  So, that is good.

Today’s reading comes from my favorite deck, Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray.

This reading is valid at any time, now or in the future, as long as it’s the first time you’ve seen it.

Today’s card: Commander Ashtar

“Ashtar, also known as Commander Ashtar, is a multi-dimensional being who promotes truth, peace and harmony between the planets. He is said to be an extraterrestrial but appears in human form so that he can communicate at heart level with all those on Earth who call on him. He is part of the Great White Brotherhood, a congregation of light beings who work to bring healing to the world, and is a wonderful guide to those who are feeling the call to bring positivity, healing and inspiration to those around them. He lifts up the hearts of leaders and inspires them to walk their path with complete integrity.”

Extended Message:

“You are receiving a call to action and being asked to step up and create the changes you want to see in the world. Divine inspiration is all around you and Ashtar and his legion of cosmic angels are standing by to offer you loving support. Know that you are being encouraged to be honest, assertive and true in a loving way. You may feel your ego trying to hold you back, but know that when you take the first step, the next one will soon follow. Take some time to connect with the universe by looking up at the stars, knowing that there are loving beings of light gazing back down on you. You are not alone.”

Personal Message:

For me, this card goes along nicely with a couple of the cards in the larger spread I did yesterday that call out to me to “walk my talk” and take responsibility for myself and my actions.  Also, as I step deeper and deeper into a leadership role in life, as an elder (not that I’m really old!), it is telling me that my integrity has to be at its highest yet.  It’s nice to know that Ashtar is out there to help me along with his legions of angels as I move forward in my life.

How does this card speak to you?  What is it calling you do?

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