Channeled Message: Katchon of Caspar Soul Group in Sirius

As many of you know, the energy on the planet is shifting and everyone is going through a transformation of sorts which is all very unique to each individual and piece of the planet.  No two people will experience this transformation exactly the same way.  Anyone who tells you that everyone will experience any unique thing is misinformed.  For instance, you, Shawn, often experience symptoms of low blood sugar or rapid heart beats and sweating.  This is how it plays out for you as your physical body is getting used to and acclimated to the higher frequencies that you find your self surrounded by.  Others will experience very different symptoms.  The main thing to remember is that this is temporary and that as you get more used to the new frequency coming through it will get better and better until you no longer have these symptoms.  We are aware that the symptoms are very uncomfortable and even frightening.  We want you all to know that you can aid your body in accepting the higher energy by drinking much more water than you normally do, eating lighter more alkaline foods and refraining from eating so much meat, especially that which is not pure and clean.  You will still ascend energetically if you do not follow these tips but you will suffer more with symptoms and we really would like to help you acclimate and be more comfortable.  The new energy is already around you now.  Mother Gaia is vibrating higher than she ever has and is welcoming all of the ascended souls unto her bosom for nurturance and healing.  Walk on mother Earth now to soak in her healings and amazing energy.  Breathe her air deeply and soak in her vibration.  Appreciate her energy and thank her daily for all that she provides for you.

You are all very special.  Even the ones who you might regard as not being worth your time have a purpose and role to play at this time on Earth and in the Universe.  You have all chosen to be alive in this moment in exactly the way that you are living today.  You all have gifts and lessons to teach and many of you have lessons still to learn.  This is a time of accelerated learning. Take this opportunity to accelerate your way into a higher awareness and heightened understanding.  Open your hearts to the lessons that are coming through for you in this life at this moment.  Now is the time to grab the opportunities that are arising.  This is a time of rebirth and heightened awareness so it is NOW that you need to take advantage of the possibilities as they present themselves to you.  Dreams that you have forgotten that you had are starting to become possible for all of you.  Situations will be opening, are opening, that remind you that you once wanted that thing.  Decide whether you still want it, and if you do, take the opportunity with open hearts and minds and have faith that it is as it was meant to be and that all will be well.  If an opportunity is coming to you now, know with certainty that it is from Source and it is as it should be for your highest good.  If it feels good and full of light and not burdensome, then it is good and you should pursue it.  Look for the light in life and follow that.  Follow the light.  Unburden your souls now.  Now is the time to do some serious cleaning of your personal house.  Let go of anything that is heavy and burdensome to you.  Let it go with gratitude and peace.  Thank it for how it served you in the past and release it to the Universe to be transformed to Light.  Lighten your loads so that your light body can float and transcend the heaviness of your 3D world.  This is not a literal floating or ascension.  Everything will look as it does today.  You will not change in appearance other than you might seem younger and happier to others.  Follow the Light.  Open yourself to it and let it rule your decisions.  If it is of Light then embrace it, if you desire, and it will make you happy.

You see, part of the wonderful part of ascending is that you will find yourself feeling so much freer, lighter and unencumbered by burdens.  This is not to say that there will not be challenges and that life will suddenly be a constant holiday.  It will not.  You are on Earth to learn and evolve so there will always be challenges and lessons to work through.  But you are also there to enjoy life and play on Gaia and enjoy the amazing beauty and plethora of wonderful juicy morsels that she has to offer and we all want you to be free to enjoy yourselves as you work through your lessons.  This is the primary difference that you should experience between 3D and 5D life.  You will be lighter and freer.  You will have less fear and anxiety.  You will not be so burdened down that life is a heavy load on your soul.  We encourage all of you to do a daily grounding, clearing and energy reboot to your systems so that you are energized with the new energy every day.  Take in the Light and let it beam through you all day.  Remember that it is all about Love and let the Love and Kindness flow through you freely.  Give it to all that you meet no matter how they are reacting to you.

We are honored to have spoken to you today and hope that our words have come to you at just the right moment in your life to help you move forward into the new paradigm that is being built for you.  The energy is here now for you to enjoy and we want you to know that.  We want to help you prepare yourselves for an even lighter and happier life than you can imagine now.  Do not let the “problems” of the world concern you.  Those are being worked through by the people, the Light Workers, who are in place in those arenas and are not for you to be concerned about.  Do your part and assist as you can in the ascension of the powerful forces that guide your lands, but do not let their shenanigans effect you at all.  It is all working out for the highest good of all involved.  Remember that and keep the faith that all is well.  And enjoy your new Light energy.  Release, release, release that which is no longer serving your highest good.  Just let it go with love and gratitude and embrace the new Lighter energy that is coming to you now and you will continue to attract more of it every day.  Be a source of Light for all to follow.

Thank you for reading and sharing this information with all who need to hear and see it.

Blessings of Light,

Katchon of Caspar in Sirius

channeled through Shawn B. Wilson

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