Oracle Monday: November 26, 2018

Today’s oracle reading comes from the Archangel Power Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine.

The card chosen today is Two of Michael:

2 of michael

Meaning of the card according to the book:

“It will all feel better if you make a choice!  You’re struggling with a decision, either overanalyzing the situation or hoping it will just go away.  Your heart is in conflict with your mind, so you’re avoiding make a choice.  This can be exhausting and create unnecessary stress.  Trust your ability to make a wise and intuitively sound decision.

A solution is quite possible, but compromise will be necessary.  Search for middle ground.  Even a temporary fix will get things moving again.”

“Additional meanings: Not listening to your inner wisdom.  Spinning your wheels.  Suppressing your emotions.”

My Guides tend to speak to me in quite literal ways, so when I asked them for a card today for both myself and my readers it does not surprise me that this card came out.  Additionally, it was reversed, which for me means it’s more intensified.  They are literally telling me to trust my own wisdom with a big decision I need to make soon and that I will feel much better once I do.  From a little further meditation on this card they tell me that all will be well no matter which direction I chose to move in as long as I follow my heart and do it with joy and peace.  I am about 80% decided in one direction but there is a little more information that I would like to get before I make a commitment.  After that I need to decide and be done with it.

How about you?  What decisions are you putting off and overanalyzing?  The cards are telling you that it’s time to make a decision.

Have a wonderful week full of happy decisions!

Light and Love,



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