New Ascension Symptoms

Word is going around that we have now moved up in frequency to the 4th dimension.  As we get used to this higher vibration our bodies will need to adjust and we could all be experiencing some strange and new phenomena physically as well as mentally.  Along with these physical changes, we are also being called to clear out our remaining shadow energies and really come to terms with and unpack our past history.  I know that I have been experiencing a lot of new “symptoms” that at first frightened me a bit.  The most noticeable is that it seems like I can not eat as big a meal as I’m used to without it making me feel sick.  I seem to need less food, or at least less at one time.  And when I put junk in my body I really feel how it effects me in a way I never did before.  My body seems to be needing fresh, clean food and is steering me away from meat and processed foods, especially red meat.  For those of you who already have a really clean diet, you might not notice this so much, but I’ll admit that my diet is not the best by a long shot.

Mentally, I feel foggy.  Really foggy.  Especially if I do not get enough rest or it gets interrupted for some reason.  Yesterday morning, around 5am, our furnace started making a loud racket that woke us all up.  We ran around the house trying to figure out where the noise was coming from and once we got everything settled I tried to go back to sleep for a couple more hours.  I could not relax and get back to sleep, so I got up and did a little reading.  I even made some coffee, believing that I would stay up.  Soon I found myself nodding off and decided to lay on the couch and catch an hour or two of sleep.  This time I fell right off into a deep slumber, but when my wife woke me up I felt absolutely awful.  All day yesterday I felt like I’d stayed up all night and had no drive to do anything.

Other symptoms I’ve noticed is strange twitches in my face mostly, but sometimes in other places, just generally feeling kind of crappy for no good apparent reason throughout the day and a heightened anxiety level as well have all been plaguing me lately.  I feel like my body and mind are very clearly telling me to get more rest and eat healthier.  I notice a huge change when I follow that advice.

Then there is the other aspect of needing to clear out and be REALLY honest with myself about some remaining shadow work I have to do.  NOW is the time to be clearing and cleaning all of this old junk out of our energy fields.  But it’s not going to be a walk in the park.  If you’ve done a lot of clearing already, what is remaining is the hardest and toughest stuff to deal with and it’s not going to be pleasant to deal with.  I am definitely getting a lot of stuff about work and my career coming apart for me lately.  My work habits and why I’ve been avoiding the public and not taking on more responsibility, etc are really showing up.  But, with all of that there is also some really great stuff too.  When we clear out old shit it makes room for new and better stuff to come in.  Business/work-wise, I am at a crossroads and I am being presented with an opportunity to re-invent my business, refresh and rebuild it and take it to a new level that I hadn’t really dreamed possible.  Along with that, of course, means that I will have to step up and into a more public and outgoing role in order to lead my team.  I find myself being excited by this new venture, which is very unlike the recent past version of ME.  New opportunities are arising on a personal level as well to step up into more leadership and hold the light for others to see in their darkness.  It’s all super exciting, yet a little scary.  I know that it will all be challenging, but I feel ready to do it.  It’s kind of weird how that is playing out for me.

The really cool part about these opportunities is that, not only are they opportunities to step up as a leader they are doubling as a mirror for me to understand and come to terms with some of these shadow aspects that have been keeping me hidden and afraid of my own strength for so long.  In other words, in order to proceed, I will have to unpack and come to grips with some of my demons.  This is all part of the clearing and cleaning process.  If you read my blog, you know that I have been in a purging mood for quite a while now.  I am being pulled VERY strongly to clean my house, both physically and metaphorically.  I think this has to do with our energetic ascensions and the new world that we are all helping to birth.  In order to hold this higher vibration we need clean energy fields.  The cleaner, the better.  The Universe is literally aligning us all with the very things that we need to work through in order to raise ourselves to 4th and then 5th dimensional vibration.

As I work through these changes it’s all very interesting that, even though I feel like crap a lot of the time, I feel very driven to work on my shadow stuff and move forward in my life.  I know that I am on the precipice of something really awesome and I’m looking forward to it.  My new business venture has the potential to be a beautiful new beginning for both me and my business.  I need that re-birth so much right now.  I didn’t even realize how much I needed it.  It’s all tied together.  My health, my mental stamina, more sleep, better food, fresh business approach, higher vibration.  For me, it’s all coming together in this way.

My advice, even though you haven’t asked for it, is to listen to your bodies.  If you’re anything like me, right now there is NO way you can ignore you body anyway, but it’s more important than ever to listen to your bodies.  If what you ate makes you feel sick, stop eating it.  If you’re exhausted, get more rest.  If something or someone is feeling like a huge burden and a big black pit of despair, get rid of it or them.  Just walk away from that which is weighing you down and embrace the LIGHT.  Let the light guide you and let the light come into your life more and more.  Invite it in.  Let go of the baggage that is holding you back and be free to move into something that is beautiful and positive.  Follow the LIGHT and all will be well.

3 thoughts on “New Ascension Symptoms

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m in deep tiredness for a few weeks now. Sometimes I have great energy and motivation. But for now I have to rest a lot.

    1. I want to say that it seems cyclical…this energy stuff and needing more sleep and having more energy, but what I really think, at least for myself, is that if I do get enough rest (which doesn’t happen often enough), I have a lot of energy and can get a lot done and I feel so much better. It’s good to listen to your body and rest as much as you need. Thank you for commenting, Aeryn.

      1. Yes I agree all of this stuff seems to come round in cycles. I guess a part of it is (for me) is learning to listen to my bodyafter many years of not doing so. Thanks 🙂

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