Oracle Monday: December 3, 2018

This week’s oracle reading comes from Colette Baron-Reid’s deck, The Good Tarot.

Today’s card is: 9 of Air


Meaning of this card, according to the book:

“Shifting negative self-talk to self-compassion, from fear to possibility, a call to faith.”

“With a gentle, mellifluous voice, I tell myself that I will be ok, that I am okay, and that any fear is merely false evidence appearing to be real.  I forgive myself because I know I am a human trying the best I can and need only call on Spirit to remember that I can and will do better as new possibilities begin to gather on my horizon.”

Personal message for me:

The personal message this card brings to me is to point out that I have climbed metaphorically to the tippy top of a mountain and find myself trying to balance on the tiny top of it and am working hard to balance myself so I won’t fall.  But I needn’t work so hard because I have my own wings that I can use to fly even higher and have no need to fear falling anymore.  Additionally, I am surrounded by my Guides and Angels who will never let me fall and are there to surround me and support me as well as fly higher with me.

This card speaks to me of having faith in myself and my capacity to take care of myself.  Yes, forgive the failings of my human existence, as that is part of the role as a human, but to transcend those faults and the fear that is often present while living as a human and realize that I am fully capable and equipped to fly however high I want to go and I will be safe.

How does this card speak to you today?  Take a moment to meditate on it and ask your guides what message they are trying to send you today through this card.

Have a wonderful week as you soar to new heights with your Guides.

Love and Light,


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