Channeled Messages: Jordania and President Bush

Jordania Excelsior Knight of the Sisterhood of Lightworkers

I reside at the portal between our dimensions and help to usher in new souls and assist with returning souls.  We are seeing an ever increasing flow of souls coming in to assist at this time.  Some are coming in to be walk ins but most are coming to experince this amazing time to be alive on planet Earth.  Many of you are awakening  now and there is tremendous transformation beginning for everyone and everything in your dimension and your planet.  It is happening on every level.  There is no one and no thing that can avoid the transformation.  From my perspective, it is both a busy time and a beautiful show to behold.  The rainbow light that is emitting from Gaia now in the upper atmospheres and coming through to the upper dimensons are amazing and beautiful and so powerful.

Whether you lightworders there on Gaia know it or not you are extremely powerful.  Your powers are multiplying on a daily basis.  The fatigue your bodies are experiencing are from this tremendous growth phase that you are experiencing.   Most importantly, remember that you are powerful.  Your powers are magnifying and growing daily and the more all of you seek the light and work for the world you want to live in the more alive and powerful that vision is becoming.  Keep up the healing of all things on all levels.  The healings have now escalated to the point that you don’t need to work so hard to bring the energy in.

Everything is evolving at a much faster pace now and there will be more and more people awakening.  We want to call on all of the Lightworkers to look for those who are awakening and offer your aid as they come out of their slumber.  Even just the tiniest sign that someone is awakening is all you need to encourage you to support their transformation.  These souls will be confused at first and many might even become angry and frustrated because they do not see themselves this way and it goes very against the teachings that they have injested over their lifetime.  Be the way shower, without being pushy or combative.  Let them know that you are there for them and willing to answer questions and be of help when they are ready.  Don’t be surprised if some decide to go back to sleep.  But know that they will not be able to maintain that state for long until it becomes too uncomfortable and at that time they will seek you out.

Lightworkers, Light Warriors, be on the lookout now for more and more who are awakening.  Be the Light in their darkness to help them begin their journeys of transformation to the higher levels of consciousness.  Now is your busy time too as many are coming awake and many are coming in as well.  Even the ones coming in will need assistance as they acclimate to the Earth frequency and cultural customs.

Look for the young ones who have the light already.  They are growing in number as they are the easiest to awaken and are still close enough to the veil to see the truth and the light.  Be support for them as well, as some may have entered into family structures that are not supportive of them and their ideas.  They will need allies and guardians until they are older and can stand on their own.

The process is growing and growing and will continue to grow with your help.  You will start to feel less alone as you realize that you have many comrades and allies walking amongst you.  This is a time of hopefulness and joy.  You will continue to see the structures that constrict and cut off flow to crumble and dissolve.  It is an amazing time to be alive!  And I am very grateful to be able to assist all of you in your transitions.

Thank you!

Jordania, Sisterhood of the Lightworkers

President George H W Bush, recently deceased president of the United States of America

Its a pleasure to be here today speaking with you all.  As many of you know, my time on Earth came to a close recently.  I was no longer able to assist and be of service to mankind and to the Earth in physical form.  I lived a rich, exciting and very fulfilling life that made me and my whole family very proud.  Now that I am in spirit form I am able to resume my work for humanity and do it on an even grander scale.  From this perspecitve I can tell all of you that the stranglehold that you have been feeling and experiencing will be lifting very soon as more and more people awaken and can see the truth again.  I was not a perfect president by any means, but my intentions were always to do the best for my country and the world.  The current power structure in the United States has exactly the opposite intentions which is why they must be removed as soon as possible and neutralized until that time.  I assure you that the corruption and darkness flows through both the presidency and the vice presidency.  In fact, the darkest of the dark is sitting in the vice presidency at this time.  He is hoping, along with his support system, to take over the white house and move his agenda through quickly once Trump is out of the way.  I’m here to tell you that you must boot both of them out of office as soon as possible in the next election and it is critical that the congress work together to bring this country back from the dark ages.  There must be compromise and willingness to work together in the congress.  Work to elect officials who are not aligned with Trump and Pence but are wanting to work with other politicians to truly improve the lives of all Americans and help the world.  I will be here to assist as I can to bring the light into the politicians who are in office and sway their decision making towards the light.  I will be working to assist with their transformations and alignments with all that is good and true and of the Light.

There are others of us here all working on your behalf, so take heart and feel joy in the knowledge that all is definitely not lost.  We are making great head way and there are some who are dedicated to inspiring and growing new politicians who will become your future leaders, to lead you into the beautiful new world that you all are creating.

I am new to this realm now, but I am already working on your behalf.

Stay positive and love and support each other every step of the way.

Thank you!

George HW Bush

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