How I Became A Channel

I’ve been channeling messages from Jacob and The Ring Collective now for about a year. They have told me all along that their main purpose was to train me to work with other soul groups, and a few months ago they informed me that the Archangel Metatron was going to start working with me and training me for my next level mission, which was to become what they call a Beacon. A Beacon, as I understand it, is a human soul who opens up a channel, or frequency, in order to receive transmissions from soul groups, angels or entities from any where in the Universe. It’s kind of like turning on your radio and dialing in a channel or station. I have my own frequency, or channel, that I can put out into the Universe to receive a transmission, which then sends out a blip on the radar in the Universe for a soul group or individual spirit to tap into and communicate. Archangel Metatron did a lot of training to help me learn how to protect myself while working as a Beacon so that I did not open myself up to dark energies that could cause me harm. He taught me to ground and protect my energy when I did this work and also how to keep it from being so draining on my physical body. I have struggled for quite a while with keeping my own physical energy high enough to do this work as I found it quite draining. It’s very important that I get enough rest and eat well or I am not strong enough or vibrating high enough to receive the channeled messages and I end up falling asleep and feeling exhausted. Metatron is now part of my Guide team and is with me always, which is very comforting and helpful. He works with me to help clear my energetic fields and chakras and to keep my energy high, as well as guides me in my work as a Beacon.

So you will start to notice that instead of channeling messages just from Jacob, I will be sharing transmissions that I receive from random entities that hone in on my channel. I’ve been told that none of the larger groups will come to me as they already have a large network of Beacons channeling just for them already and that I will be working with individuals who have crossed over and smaller groups that don’t have their own channel. This is exciting and rewarding work and I’m looking forward to hearing their messages and sharing them with all of you here. I will still receive messages from Jacob on occasion too if they have something they need to communicate.

I can tell you that The Universe is abuzz with excitement for what is going on now on Earth and the work that is being done at all levels. Every soul that wakes up and “sees the Light”, literally, is a delight to the Universe. Every new Light Worker or Light Warrior that heeds the call to action is a delight and exciting to observe. These entities are very interested in being of assistance and want to support us in every way they can at this time of great awakening. Many of the larger groups have a dedicated team thats mission is to assist with the Ascension on Earth and other planets in the Universe. Each team usually has at least one voice that does the communicating for the group. When I refer to Jacob as “them” it’s because I understand that even though I am hearing one voice when I channel their messages it is coming from many souls through that one voice and Jacob is merely the name that they give their voice.

I thought that sharing some of this with my readers would be a good idea. All over the internet, and WordPress in particular, you will see channeled messages from a variety of entities and groups. I can’t speak to how these other channels are working to receive messages, but I can definitely share how mine come through and what all of this means. I can assure you that I had no idea I had this ability to channel messages like this until about a year ago. I have not been doing this all of my life like many have, so I’m fairly new at this. Yet, that doesn’t really seem to matter to the Universe as there are many of us emerging as channels and Beacons for their messages as well as many soul groups who are emerging to communicate with us in higher numbers than ever before. I’m just a regular guy with a day job and a family. If you met me in person you would never know that I am doing this sort of work. I have had an interest in spirituality for most of my adult life but never really knew much about how things worked. A couple of years ago I took a course with Slade Roberson called Automatic Intuition which taught me how to access and communicate with my Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels, how to tap into the Akashic Records and do readings for other people along with many other things. Working with Slade opened up a whole new world to me of how the Universe works and made me aware of my abilities, that I had no idea I had, to communicate with Guides and Angels. Another fellow classmate made me aware of the Ring Collective wanting to connect with me and I took it from there to connect with them and start channeling information. Since then I’ve been learning how all of this works and reading the transmissions that other channels are receiving with great interest. I find it all extremely fascinating. Like I said, in my every day life you would never know I’m a channel or do intuitive readings, or Reiki healings, or write a blog about Spirituality. I’m just an average guy who owns a music business and lives a normal life. I don’t claim to be an expert at any of this stuff, but I seem to have these skills that the Universe and my Guides keep urging me to share with others. So that’s why this blog exists.

I think more and more of us “average” people are waking up now. What I mean by that is people who haven’t ever really had any spiritual or metaphysical training and “knowings” for most of their lives. Just suddenly there was an interest and then the abilities were uncovered, or maybe they were bestowed upon me because of my interests. I don’t know how it happened. I can’t say that I’ve been highly intuitive or psychic in the past. Intuitive yes, but not to the point where I am now. Or maybe I was and I discounted it. Again, I’m not sure. Chicken and egg kind of thing. The only really interesting thing that ever happened to me was back in 1987, when I was about 23 years old, on Mother’s Day, I called my mom in the morning to wish her a happy day and then in the afternoon I suddenly got very emotional and started crying for no apparent reason. It passed and I went to bed. The next morning I woke up and had a strong urge to call my mom and see how she was doing. I called her job and the boss told me that my mom and brother had been in a very bad car wreck the day before coming home from my uncle’s house and were in the hospital. My episode of crying the day before turns out to have happened around the same time as the car accident. That incident I found to be extremely interesting and a little freakish but it’s the only time anything like that has happened to me. Anyway, I’m just a regular guy doing an extraordinary thing that actually feels really natural and normal to me. The messages I share here are not my own, but come from somewhere beyond this realm that I can’t even really fathom. I hope you enjoy the transmissions I share and come along on this amazing journey with me through the Universe onward and upward towards ascension and a better new world.

Love and Light,


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