Oracle Monday: December 17, 2018

This week’s oracle reading comes from Kyle Gray’s “Keepers of the Light” oracle deck.

Today we have two cards:


Odin: Psychic Insight: Your third eye is open.  See truth for what it is.  Follow your intuition.

The Holy Spirit: Expect Miracles: Remember that only love is real.  Miracles will occur naturally.  Spirit has your back.

From the book:

Odin: “…Odin is a strong but somewhat wild character who helps us reawaken our natural psychic instincts and open our third eye so we can look beyond the physical senses and into the spiritual realms.  He also helps us recognize that it’s okay to have insights into what’s happening next.  After all, we are the creators of our path.”

The Holy Spirit: “According to the spiritual text “A Course in Miracles” the Holy Spirit meditates between illusion and truth.  It’s the essence that allows us to move beyond the illusion of fear or the illusions that our fear has created.  It’s the holiest light of truth that we can ever experience, as aspect of our truest self – the self that’s never separate from God.  When it appears in a reading prepare for the miraculous!”

Personal message for me:

Odin: Odin tells me to listen to my instincts and intuition about an upcoming decision I need to make and go with what feels best and right.  What makes me happiest and feels the most free is what I should follow.  I have the choice to stop or keep going but if I decide to keep going I will need to transform and heal that which has been holding me back in order to bring in the joy.

The Holy Spirit: The angels are preparing miracles for me at this time that will delight me and bring me joy.  Don’t be afraid to ask for what I want and expect that they will come to me quickly.  Accept the gifts that the Angels bring and thank them as they are busy working on my behalf.

What do these cards say to you today?

Have a wonderful week full of miracles and beautiful insights!

Love and Light,



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