Oracle Monday: December 31, 2018

Today is the last day of 2018. Happy New Year to everyone!

I apologize for not putting out an oracle reading last week on Christmas Eve, but I was traveling and didn’t get my act together enough to do it.

Today’s reading is from Kyle Gray’s Keepers of the Light deck.

I asked my Angels and Guides to give me a card to share with all of you that speaks to the new year that is being born tonight, about closure of 2018 and the birthing of something new in 2019 and I think they did a wonderful job, as always. They gave me two cards. The first card is Holy Amethyst and the second card is Gaia.

Gaia popped out of the deck as a reminder to all of us to keep ourselves grounded in her sacred energy and that only through our connection here on this planet does our physical life have its truest meaning. Gaia is our home and she is our mother. Stay connected and grateful for this amazing home and her wonderful healing energy first and foremost before any other work can be done.

The main card is Holy Amethyst, which is one of my favorite cards. It is such a beautiful card with a beautiful message and I think one that is simple yet profound as we move into a new year. She comes here to tell us, simply, “Move beyond your current challenges. Focus on what you desire.” The end of the year is a perfect time to clear out old stuff that is no longer working for us, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Focus on what you desire and ask Holy Amethyst to help you manifest something new and magical for the new year.

Happy New Year to all! Personally, I am looking forward to 2019 and the wonderful new magical adventures that she will bring with her.

How about you? What magic will you manifest in the new year? What are you ready to let go of to make room for something new?

Love and Light,


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