Channeled Messages from Queen Isis and Johanson of the Angelic Realm of Isis

isis 2I am Johanson of the Angelic realm of the Goddess Isis.  The Queen has asked me to come to you today to give you a message for humanity to keep resolving to work towards growth and ascension.  This new year on your planet will bring many challenges and opportunities for growth along with the ability to discern what brings joy and what does not in an even clearer way than ever before.  The angels always ask you to follow your joy to your true path of enlightenment, for anytime you are told that everything must be hard work and be exhausting that is a sign that it is not of the highest good for you or others.  True growth and ascension is a joy and is the path of least resistance.  It does not feel like work or like sacrifice.  God wants to make your ascensions as easy as possible and as enjoyable as possible.  Listen to your hearts in this coming year and veer your ships towards that which brings you joy and happiness as that is where your true north lies and where you will find the greatest gifts and purpose for your lives.  This year is the year of taking all that you have learned and putting it into practice in your worlds.  You do not need to go out and proclaim to the world that you are a highly intuitive or spiritual being in order to do your divine work.  We have all said many times, the best and most productive way is to simply do what you do every day but with the intention of spreading joy and uplifting others along with yourselves.  Take what you know and apply it in the every day and mundane world and you will see magic start to happen all around you.  This is a great gift you can share with your world.  Work in your corner of the world and if everyone does this then the whole world will be filled with joy, peace and light.  This is Gaia’s wish as is it God’s.  Throughout the challenges of the coming year always keep joy and love as your guiding lights.  Even in tragedy there is light and joy.  Look for it and seek it out.  It will be there waiting for you to find it like a lost jewel.

It is our desire and hope that our message is helpful and we have enjoyed connecting with you today.  Go with love and walk in joy.

Johanson of the Angelic Realm of the Goddess Isis

Isis says:

I am your Queen, Isis.  I come to you today to remind you of your true natures.  You are all powerful spiritual beings of infinite love and knowledge.  As Johanson spoke of above, it is imperative that you keep joy and love in your hearts at all times.  The challenges that are coming will test your strength and resolve and dedication to the Light and Love of Source.  There is a war about to begin.  Some will say it’s been going on for millennia.  Perhaps that is true.  But this new war is about to start and it is a great challenge for all light workers and people of faith and love.  It is the final challenge before it all cracks open and the last of the darkness that has been ruling your world loses its strength.  You are warriors in this battle and are more powerful than you know.  Stand strong and resolute in your faith and knowledge of what is right and true.  Let love, light and truth be your guiding beacons as you work throughout the year and fight your individual battles.  I wish you all well and am fighting along side all of you for the truth.  Call on me whenever you feel the need and I will be there with you.

Always your Queen, Isis


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