Channeled Message: Commander Salavendahar of the Arcturus Starseed Nation

This is Commander Salavandahar , High Commander for the Arcturus Starseed Nation.

I have been needing to talk to you of an urgent matter to share in your world.  As you are aware there is some very intense energy coming in at this time.  Mixed with it is some dangerous energies that could be confused with that of the light.  This energy should be considered of a radioactive nature.  A distant sun is emmitting dangerous rays at this time that can be poisonous to some if not filtered properly.  We urge everyone to take extra precautions when welcoming in the new energy to protect their energetic body from this possibly caustic energy.  The best way to protect yourself is to only invite in energy that is from Source and ask for a solar protection be put on you when you are in receiving mode.  The energy will not damage your body, but it could make you feel ill and possibly bring on a mild sickness.  It is best to avoid this solar energy if possible.  It is not of your sun, but a distant one and is getting mixed in with the new ascension energies that are being sent.  We are working to correct this problem and should have it turned around soon.  Otherwise, the energy is going to be intense for most of this year.  We instruct everyone to continue to do their work to clean out old patterns and energies that are stuck and of no use any more.  Work through old negativity and clean up your energy fields as much as you can.  The cleaner you get energetically the better you will be able to accept the new energy and the quicker you will adjust to the higher frequencies.  It is important to feed your body the purest and cleanest food and beverages you can find and afford.  As you clean your energetic fields and feed your body clean and healthy foods you will soon feel lighter and healthier and many ascension symptoms should subside.  We see many are already better able to handle the higher energy frequencies and are much more open and accepting of the downloads that are coming through.  It will continue to intensify and become stronger.  Guard against the solar energy.  One symptom of the solar energy is feeling hot and flushed a lot.  Drink extra cool water and eat cool alkalin vegetables to cool this energy down and wash it away.  It is similar to having a little sunburn and should move out in a day or so.

It has been my honor to speak to you today.

Commander Salavendahar of the Arcturus Starseed Nation

Channeled through Shawn B Wilson

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