Oracle Monday: January 14, 2019

Today’s reading comes from Kyle Gray’s Keepers of the Light oracle card deck.

Today’s card is: Lady Nada


Meaning, according to the book:

“…Lady Nada is a mighty spiritual priestess of love who once existed in the land of Atlantis.  She is the light force that helps us awaken our heart to the divine love we deserve; the light keeper whose essence allows the light within our heart to expand, revealing a true, real, naked and vulnerable aspect of our soul.  She brings an opportunity to experience divine love, whether through a relationship, adventure or experience.  Extended Message: The cave of your heart is opening wide for you to experience divine love.  You have an opportunity to overcome past pain, heartbreak and let-downs.  This is a wonderful time to cherish and love yourself and then allow yourself to be cherished and loved by others.  If you feel love revealing itself clearly in your heart, have courage and move into a state of trust.  You are reminded that when true love is present – when divine love is present – there are no obstacles to overcome: it will be there, clear, pure and real for you to experience.  Your relationships are being brought into harmony on all levels of your life.  Give and receive divine love with yourself and all those around you.”

Personal message from Lady Nada to me:

Lady Nada asks me to bind my heart and solar plexus chakras together so that I can better embody the Divine Masculine in my life.  By bringing personal power and strength together with Divine Love, the Divine Masculine is born and realized.  She is asking me to let the Divine love in let it wash away the pain and disappointment from past experiences.

What message does this powerful card have for you today?

Have a wonderful week full of Divine Love!


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