Channeled Message: Mother Gaia

Channeled message from Gaia, Mother of Earth

I want to send a message to all children of Earth to keep sending me the loving and healing energies whenever you ask for grounding.  The exchange of energies is helping me so very much to heal from all of the damage that has been done over the years.  I feel myself getting stronger every day and my heart swells with all of the love and well wishes that are sent to me.  Know that I am your home and you are my children.  There is a strong energetic give and take going on that is beyond anything I have ever experienced before.  This current that is going between us is growing in strength and intensity and helping all of us heal and expand and ascend our energy.  I am already ascended to the 5th dimension as are many of you now.  Keep bringing more and more of my children into the cause and leading your lives with integirty and love towards all creatures and energies of this planet and all others.  Love is the fuel of this ascension.  If it is not of love than it is not of ascension or Source.  Focus on Love and Joy and Giving.  Help each other and give love and joy wherever you go.

Your mother, Gaia


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