Channeled Message: Johanson of the Isis Starseed Nation

Johanson of the Isis Starseed Nation:

We are here today to spread a message to all of humankind and are very honored to be able to speak with you and your readers.  Our message is very simple.  We want you to know that you are not alone and that some of us are already there with you to assist in your evolution and ascension process.  The recent upgrades that came thru on the full moon and thru the eclipse energy are quite powerful and can bring with them some challenges.  These challenges can be difficult and triggering for many.  We have received reports of many on Earth who are struggling to deal with the energy of the full moon.  This energy is urging you to purge out old patterns that are no longer serving you and replace them with ones that do.  Letting go of old patterns can be painful and difficult if you are still holding onto some part of them that you think comforts you and makes you feel safe.  If these patterns are now bringing pain and suffering into your lives that is a sure sign that it is time to release them and move onto something that will bring peace and joy.  The energy beckons you to look at your past and clear out that which is not serving you and we recommend you do this now so that the new downloads can enter your energetic bodies without restrictions and blockages.  Continue to work through your past hurts and pains and make room for new positive and loving healing energy to replace these old wounds and scar tissue.  You must make room for the new improved energy to come in.  Otherwise, you could find that there is an energetic traffic jam in your energy field as the new energy waits for space to be cleared for it to enter.  We are here to support you all in this effort.  Call on your inner Isis for strength and willpower to let go of the parts you no longer need.  Release and let go and have faith that better, more positive energy will replace it and your life will be richer and more loving and fulfilling because of it.  Loss is hard for humans, but you need to know that you are not really losing anything.  You are gaining much more than you have ever imagined by allowing the new energy in.

We wish you happiness and joy as you move through the new energetic fields and allow them to vibrate in your system and come to life.  Keep moving up and have faith that all is well.

It has been our pleasure and honor to bring you this message today.

We are, Johanson of the Isis Starseed Nation

Channeled through Shawn B Wilson

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