Channeled Message: Galactic Nation of the Opal Asteroid

We are the Galactic Nation of the Opal Asteroid.  We are pleased to be able to communicate with you today and bring you our message of hope and support as you all continue along your ascension process. Your ascension is continuing to manifest in exactly the way that you all need at this time and is on schedule.  We know that many wish to hurry it along and ascend faster, but we assure you that all is proceeding in its perfect time and best possible pace.  You must remember that it is not just you who is ascending, but the whole earth and all of her residents, including the animal worlds.  The human species is just one part of the ascension, though we know it is a huge part.  Not everyone is as ready as you to grow and move forward with the new ways.  There is much resistance that will need to be cleared still.  This resistance is strong and only through your good work and persistence for the cause will it be lessened.  You must have faith in the good that you are fighting for.  Always lead with kindness and compassion for others who are not as entrenched in the Light as you.  They will get there, especially with your help.  We suggest you do not fight and argue with these souls.  They are children of the Universe just as you.  You would not yell and scream at a child who doesn’t know better, would you?  We don’t use this analogy to belittle the others who are not as far along as you.  Quite the opposite.  If you see them as children who want to learn and move forward we believe you will feel more compassion for them and treat them more gently.  Their souls are younger and less experienced.  Give them time and gentle nudges in the right direction.  Most importantly, if they are strongly resisting the Light, let them go for now.  They will get there one way or another.  It is not your job to take on their negativity and try to turn it into Light.  You can gently guide and lead them if they are willing.  Most importantly, stay true to your own path towards enlightenment and growth and be a role model of the highest ideals of the 5th dimension and Source.  Only through love and compassion will you heal your world and all who are living in it.  We wish you only the best and highest results as you proceed along your journeys.

We are the Galactic Nation of the Opal Asteroid.  We travel through the Universe to aid and educate all who are open to our messages.  It has been our pleasure and honor to speak to you today.

Channeled through Shawn B Wilson

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